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European Azerbaijan School holds educational event for children

Libraff bookstores and the European Azerbaijan School (EAS) have held a joint educational and entertaining event for children.


The event was aimed at rewarding pupils who stand out with excellent educational results in order to encourage them to engage in reading, particularly in their mother tongue, EAS told APA.


In addition, an event of signature was held for well-known children’s writer Reyhan Yusifqizi.


EAS Director Garri Grippin greeted the school’s pupils and their parents and talked about the importance of children mastering their native language. Later on, the pupils were given the book titled “Mimi” with TEAS Press Publishing House trade mark labeled, on behalf of the 3 Apples (Üç alma) Children’s Literature division.


R. Yusifqizi told the children about “Mimi”, the hero of her book, stressing the importance of high technologies and their unprecedented service to the development of modern society. The writer then signed the books gifted.


Then, the illustrator of the book, Sabina Vazirova, told the children who she created the hero “Mimi”.  


In her book R. Yusifqizi talks about the friendship of Aylin, a second grade pupil, with an unusual mouse named “Mimi” that lives in the house of an old professor. The prototype of the professor is the well-known scientist Lotfi Zadeh. The professor performs an operation on a toy mouse and places an artificial brain in her head. “Mimi” speaks like a person, moves and knows math. “Mimi” helps Aylin with mathematics, listens to music and dances with her.  


R. Yusifgizi (Shikhlinskaya) is an Azerbaijani writer, member of the Union of Azerbaijani Writers, author of scientific books and fantastic stories for children, educator, PhD in mathematics and assistant professor. She regularly holds meetings with her readers in schools and bookstores, writes scenarios for school performances. She likes figures and math problems. According to the writer, she had a toy mouse called “Mimi” in her childhood. The writer believes that during the development of high technologies toys will be able to speak with children. She wants all children to love “Mimi”. Her greatest desire is to make an animated film about “Mimi”.  

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