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A book «to Russians about Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis» presented in Moscow

Moscow. Roman Agaev – APA. The known Russian historian Alexander Gorjanina and the public and political figure of Russia Alexander Sevastyanov have presented their book in Moscow hotel "President". The book presentation has been hosted by the Federal national-cultural autonomy of Azerbaijanis in Russia.

The authors noted that the book in the simple and intelligible form denies a lot of myths existing in the Russian society. Besides it, the book offers the Russian readers one of the most interesting and informative textbooks about the history of Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijani – Russian relationships.

According to authors, the book presents a lot of the interesting information, which is little-known even for the specialists. Such information is useful both in decision-making at the highest state level, and in day-to-day intercourse between Russians and Azerbaijanis. «Friendship and alliance between Russians and Azerbaijanis is final aim of the authors. The authors are convinced that both parties need mutual advantage and close relationships. The book is targeted to politicians, civil servants working in foreign affairs spheres, historians as well as simply curious readers, particularly youth. Ultimately, the youth will build our future therefore it is important for youth to have correct reference points», - noted A. Gorjanin in the event.

To A. Sevastjanova’s opinion, this attempt of the objective view of Russian writers will be useful to all parties, interested in the history of Trans-Caucasian and political situation of this region. He expressed his hope that the acquaintance with their book would help to develop the correct policy in official relationships between Russia and Azerbaijan as well as to promote sincere rapprochement of Russians and Azerbaijanis.

About authors:
Alexander Borisovich Gorjanin – the writer, publicist, historian, and political scientist. He is the author of the books: «Destruction of Cathedral of Christ the Savior», «Myths about Russia and spirit of the nation», «The traditions of freedom and the property in Russia», «Optimistic Russianology», and «Transformation of Russia». The award of the magazine "Zvezda” (Star) for the best publication of 2001 - "Cargo" story. The nominee of the award «Ivan Petrovich Belkin», and the «National best-seller». Translations from English into Russian the works of Agatha Christie, Nabokov, etc. He was the observer of “Vek” (Century) newspaper, the editor-in-chief of the magazine «International cooperation in the educational sphere», the editor-in-chief of the ITAR-TASS Publishing house, the senior lecturer of the interuniversity Center on studying of Russia within Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. Presently, he is the independent researcher.

Alexander Nikitich Sevastyanov - the writer, journalist, arts critic, sociologist, political scientist, and public figure. He is the author of the popular science film «And handicraft, and inspiration», His books: "National-capitalism", "National-democracy", «Masterpieces of the European illustration», «What do the Jews want from us», «Results of the XX century for Russia», «Russian idea, XX century», «Time to be Russian!», «Russia – for Russians!», etc. Since 1997 he is the editor-in-chief of the "National newspaper». In 2002 he was elected the co-chairman of National-Powerful Party of Russia and the coeditor of the party newspaper «Russian Front». In 1997-1999, the chief of Ukraine and Crimea department, then the deputy director of Institute on CIS countries.

The representatives of the Russian community, writers, ministries and other state entities, deputies of the Russian State and Moscow municipal duma, the government of Moscow, Public chamber of the Russian Federation, the public national-cultural associations, scientific and creative intelligentsia as well as the representatives of the embassy of Azerbaijan to Russia, Azerbaijan public organizations of the Russian capital and regions partook in the book presentation.

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