Witnesses testify at trial of ex-Azerbaijani MP

The Baku Court of Grave Crimes on Thursday resumed the trial of former MP Dunyamin Khalilov, who is accused of failing to repay the loan which he took out from International Bank of Azerbaijan.


Witnesses testified during the trial.


Intertextile LLC employee Pasha Namazov said that they were required to sign some documents in order to take out a loan from the bank.


“So we went to the bank and signed the documents. They’d told us that it was needed for the company,” he said.


Witness Ramiz Karimov testified similarly.


Another witness, Bayram Aliyev, said he went to the bank and signed the documents upon the management’s instructions. “I was working at the company. They told me that there was a need to take out a loan in order to help the factory. So we did as we were ordered to,” he added.


Anar Novruzov testified similarly.


Witness Shahin Gulamov said he went to the bank and signed the documents under order of Dunyamin Khalilov.


Gulbuta Islamova said she was working as a cleaner in the company and she went to the bank twice, signed the documents under the instruction of the leadership.


The trial will be resumed on March 9.


A group of businessmen was detained over large amount of credit debts to the International Bank of Azerbaijan in 2015. Owner of Globus Plaza Dunyamin Khalilov is also accused of fraud. In February 2015, Baku’s Narimanov district court chose a measure of restraint in the form of arrest against Khalilov, who was detained on suspicion of the criminal case launched by the Interior Ministry’s Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime. He faced charges under article 178.3.2 (swindle with causing damage in the large size) of the Criminal Code.


The other accused – Farhad Amiraslanov, Seyfulla Seyfullayev, Shakir Musayev, Ruslan Ismayilov, Mansur Zeynalov, Rauf Aliyev are accused of misappropriating 50 million manats in total. 

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/ 19 June, 2018