10:18 20 June
10:14 20 June

Swine flu threat has no impact on transport ties between Azerbaijan and Ukraine

Baku. Kamala Guliyeva, Nijat Mustafayev – APA. Following the A/H1N1 virus (swine flu) pandemic in Ukraine, a number of countries restricted traveling to the county. Some of the countries that have common border with Ukraine closed the border, temporarily cut the transport ties. According to the recent reports, over 70 people died in Ukraine within some days.

But the swine flu pandemic in Ukraine has not impacted the transport ties between Azerbaijan and Ukraine. Service chief of Azerbaijan Airlines CSJC Maharram Safarli told APA that all flights, including flights to and from Ukraine operate as usual at Heydar Aliyev International Airport. Safarli noted that six Japanese-made special devices were installed in the airport, all passengers are examined.
“Three of the devices have been installed in the North terminal and three in the South terminal. Initial prophylactic measures are taken if someone is suspected of having flue,” he said.

Ukrainian airlines, which is operating flights en route Baku-Kiev, also told APA t7hat the flights operate fully.
“Baku-Ukraine flight operates on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 9.00. The present flight has not been delayed,” he said.

Service chief of the Azerbaijan Railways Ltd Nadir Azmammadov told APA that he carried out only Baku-Kiev rail run a week. “Today the train will depart and all carriages are disinfected before the departure. We are conducting disinfection works in the train three times a day during the rail run. Ban on Baku-Kiev rail run is not on agenda”.

Spokesman for the State Veterinary Service under the Ministry of Agriculture Yolchu Khanveli told APA import of the food and agricultural goods from Ukraine was not banned in Azerbaijan. “The “swine flu” is a man-to-man infection, and the case of infection from the foods has not been identified yet”.
Assistant Director of the Republican Anti-Plague Station Shair Gurbanov told APA not only travelers from Ukraine, but from other countries should also be examined. “The disease is infected via air, dropping and contact and therefore it is recommended to avoid traveling to the countries where the virus infection was identified. In the most countries virus spread as a result of infection abroad. Therefore the citizens should avoid traveling to other countries if it is not necessary”.

Chief of the epidemiology sector of the Health Ministry Victor Gasimov told APA that the World Health Organization didn’t recommend closing of borders with the virus-spread countries. “We cannot resolutely ban traveling. It can be only recommendation”.

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