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State Committee chairperson: Parents losing their sense of responsibility

The Azerbaijani parliament has held a round table on causes of family disputes and possible solutions.


Addressing the event, Chairperson of the State Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs Hijran Huseynova said that early marriages, divorces, and cases of violence in the country cause a big concern, APA reports.

“Sometimes, there are some unpleasant cases in Azerbaijan and we should try to prevent them. Azerbaijan, like other countries, is experiencing globalization, which has positive and negative effects. Besides, we are pleased with developing information technologies. However, we must remember that the development of information technologies has pros and cons. Sometimes, parents are happy with their children staying quiet in the room, but they don’t care about what the children are doing there. Elderly people, adults, and even children used to be influential in families. However, nowadays parents do not want to deal with their children,” she stressed. 

The committee chairperson said that sometimes parents appeal to the committee, asking to separate them from their children when they think they cannot cope with them.


“See what the situation is. We should raise these issues and eliminate the gaps in the legislation,” she said.


Huseynova stressed that parents must be more responsible. “Sometimes a father doesn’t allow his 15-year-old daughter to study so that he can marry her off. But they fail to understand that a teen is incapable of maintaining a family. Thus we have brought up the matter of family psychologists. While studying the causes of divorces, the committee revealed that the problem is not social problems. Relations in poor families are stronger. Women and men are gradually losing their sense of responsibility. In fact, we have model families. However, we see that sense of responsibility is low in most families,” she said. 

Later on, Gunduz Ismayilov, the deputy chairman of the State Committee of Azerbaijan for Work with Religious Organizations, experts, representatives of executive bodies delivered speeches. 


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/ 26 April, 2018