President Aliyev gives instruction to stop construction of residential building in Yasamal district

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev gave instruction to stop construction of residential building in Matbuat Avenue, Yasamal district due to illegally cutting down of 54 trees and destruction of greenery by the construction company.

According to the board on the site, it was being built “Boyuk Plaza” (Great Plaza) residential and trade center in that territory. However, the construction company has illegally destructed the trees. Residents in the surrounding buildings concerned about it. Head of state gave instruction to stop the construction and investigate the issue.


Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources drawn up an act about destruction of trees, the company was fined AZN 130,000 and criminal case was launched on the fact.  


At the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on April 13, 2014 President Ilham Aliyev had underlined that illegal cutting down of trees is unacceptable, serious measures should be taken against such law-violations, persons allowing such acts should bring to responsibility:  “Issues related to the environmental situation are always the focus of our attention. But the public, including myself, is concerned about the felling of trees. This cannot be allowed to happen. I think that we must apply greater liability in this issue. The felling of trees must be completely stopped. Only in exceptional cases and only on the basis of a conclusion of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources can a tree be relocated or felled somewhere. I have repeatedly expressed my opinion on these issues. I can say that in comparison with previous years, the situation is more positive now. But we have failed to fully achieve our goal. People come at night, illegally cut down trees and level a place in order to build a house. This is dishonesty, this is a disgrace, this is a crime.


Therefore, relevant agencies should make proposals, so that we could take more serious action against those who cut down trees. They must be brought to justice. I want to reiterate that not a single tree can be cut down in the city without the permission and conclusion of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources. This is my last warning”.


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/ 26 May, 2018