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Park Cinema, TEAS to hold Karabakh film days

In a joint cooperation, The European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS) and the cinema network Park Cinema will hold Karabakh film days in the framework of the “Justice for Khojaly!” international campaign from February 25 to 27.


Viewers will be able to watch for three days the films which take a look back in the troubled days of our homeland on the eve of the Khojaly tragedy, TEAS told APA.


The purpose of holding Karabakh film days is to ensure that the younger generation do not forget the Khojaly genocide and the events around Nagorno-Karabakh—the most troubled period of our history—and to provide unbiased information for them.


The first of the films that have appeared in the schedule is titled “Young Voices, Ancient Song.”


In 2000, famous American mugham performer Jeffrey Werbock was fascinated by young Azerbaijanis performing mugham in one of the refugee camps, preserving ancient mugham traditions in spite of the hard conditions they were living in. Back in the United States he watched the performance he had recorded and was touched by the young singer’s performance of mugham about his homeland. Interested by what he saw, after eight years he again visited Azerbaijan and the place of refugees.


His interesting and adventurous visit to the refugee camp begins. Jeffrey once again finds young performer who have fascinated him and gets familiarized with the story of his unpredictable life. The performances of young mugham singers bring a new spirit to him. It becomes clear that the Azerbaijani people are preserving their ancient mugham tradition and regarding it as a moral value of the struggle for the liberation of the native lands occupied by the Armenians. The film tells despite globalization, younger generation is preserving a great cultural heritage. The executive producer of the film is Tale Heydarov and the directors are Katy-Robin Garton and Jeffrey Werbock. The fill will be displayed in Park Cinema on Feb. 25.   



The film “Hocalı Tanıkları” (Khojaly survivors) will be shown on Feb. 26. The film, co-produced by TEAS and Turkey’s “106 film” company, tells the story of seven Khojaly survivors. 


The documentary ‘Endless Corridor’ will be displayed on Feb.27. The film has been built on the basis of memoirs filmed at meetings, 20 years later, of Lithuanian correspondent Richard Lapaitis - an eyewitness of Khojaly horrors - with witnesses that fled from the genocide, and with people that were directly involved, from the Armenian side, in the organization of the massacre. There are plots in the film on the significance of Karabakh for Azerbaijan’s history and culture. New facts related to the Khojaly massacre, so far unknown, documents and video films and photo materials once shot are referred to in the film, and true facts about the genocide are conveyed to spectators in an effective way. The documentary “Endless Corridor” was shot by producers Aleksandras Brokas (Lithuania) and prestigious “Grammy Award” winner Gerald Rafshoon (USA)”. The film was voiced by a British actor, BAFTA award winner Jeremy Irons. The documentary won awards from the Global Film Awards (USA, 2015), Milano International Filmmakers Festival (Italy, 2015) Tenerife International Film Festival (Madrid- Spain, 2015), Cape Town Film Festival (South Africa, 2015), Toronto International Film Festival (Canada, 2015). The film was also shown on some international TV channels like Al Jazeera and CNN Turk.


A detailed schedule of the films will be available on website from tomorrow. 

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