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NTRC: Broadcasting of foreign TV channels in Azerbaijan to be brought in line with standards

The approval of the law on cable network broadcasting discussed at the Azerbaijani parliament’s plenary meeting on May 16 will improve activities in the area of cable network, Chairman of the country’s National Television and Radio Council (NTRC) Nushiravan Maharramli told APA.


He noted that the new law will regulate relations between subscribers and broadcasters and that security of the national market as to Azerbaijan’s cable network will be a priority.


Maharramli noted that only local ads are shown in foreign TV channels broadcast through the cable network in countries such as Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, etc.


“This has not been the case with Azerbaijan so far. However, the new draft law puts forward such a requirement. I think it’s very important because we’re deeply concerned by the current situation in respect of Azerbaijan’s ad market. If approved, this amendment will be a huge contribution for both the ad market and TV and radio broadcasters,” he said.


The NTRC chairman stressed that the broadcasting of foreign TV channels in Azerbaijan will be brought in line with standards.


Maharramli noted that foreign news channels are broadcast in Russia and Turkey only after registration and this field should be systematized in Azerbaijan. According to him, the new law will regulate all this.


“There are reasons that make it necessary to pass the law on cable network broadcasting. Cable network broadcasting is a type of television and radio broadcasting, and it was launched in the 90s. But, it was poorly developing. There was only one article in the law on TV and radio broadcasting regarding cable network. The law on cable network broadcasting had to be developed as a requirement of the legislation. No law was adopted at that time as cable network was not developing. The field was regulated by the National Television and Radio Council,” he said.


The NTRC chairman went on to say that at present there are 17 cable television broadcasters in Azerbaijan. “They broadcast not only in Baku, but also in Ganja, Mingachevir and Sumgayit. In addition, the number of channels included in the package has increased,” he said.



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