10:13 22 May

Florence Nightingale Hospital: Natig Aliyev died on June 8

Azerbaijan’s Energy Minister Natig Aliyev died on June 8, an official of Florence Nightingale Hospital in Istanbul told APA’s Turkey bureau.


Natig Aliyev had a hear attack on June 3, and he was brought back to life after receiving first aid at a hospital in Baku. Stents were placed in his coronary arteries,” the Florence Nightingale Hospital official said.


The official noted that a team of doctor was sent to Baku for Natig Aliyev’s examination and treatment. Natig Aliyev wore artificial breathing apparatus and was taken to Florence Nightingale Hospital in Istanbul by special air ambulance on June 5.  


“It was impossible to normalize the patient’s blood circulation through serious medical intervention, heart pump was connected to him. Natig Aliyev died of a sudden stroke of breain on June 8,” the hospital official added.


Natig Aliyev was born in Baku on November 23, 1947.  


In 1965, he finished a secondary school in Baku, and in 1970 he graduated from Azerbaijan Petrochemical Institute named after M.Azizbekov.


He started working in the field once he was employed by Azerdenizneftkeshfiyyat trust of Xəzərdənizneftqazsenaye PU in 1970.


In 1971, he got postgraduate education in Geology Institution of National Sciences Academy of Azerbaijan. He had a PhD in Geology-Mineralogy Sciences since 1974.


He was appointed chief of geology department at Azerdenizneftkeshfiyyat trust of Xəzərdənizneftqazsenaye PU in 1979, the Chief Instructor of Department at the administration of Central Committee of Azerbaijan Communist Party in 1984.


In 1993-2005, he worked as SOCAR President and Chairman of Board of Directors.


He was appointed as chairman of The Steering Committee for the development of the Azeri, Chirag and deepwater portion of the Gunashli (ACG) fields in 1994, chairman of BTC Board of Directors in 2002.


In 2005-2013 he worked as Minister of Industry and Energy. On October 22, 2013 he was appointed as the Minister of Energy.


He had more than 100 articles, scientific works and books published. He had been academician of International East Oil Academy, doctor of economic sciences since 2008.


He was elected as correspondent member of the International Academy of Engineering (IAE) in 2008.


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