Court continues trial of former head of Azerbaijani Int’l Bank - UPDATED

Baku. Etibar Mammadov – APA. The Baku Court of Grave Crimes on Monday resumed the trial of the arrested former chairman of the International Bank of Azerbaijan Jahangir Hajiyev and seven more people connected with him.


Of the Inter Security LLC employees, Zaur Soltaliyev said in his speech the company sent him to the bank’s Narimanov branch and he signed the documents on the loan taken out, without knowing their content.


Another Inter Security LLC employee, Namig Guliyev, said he was sent by Ibrahim Huseynov, the company’s director, to the Surakhani branch and signed documents there, noting that he later found out that the loan had been taken in his name.


Zaur Khalilov said loans were taken in his name by the bank’s transport department and he signed the documents.


Emin Abbasov too said that AZN 5 million loan was taken in his name.


Later on, bank representative Aghalar Aghashirinov made a speech as an aggrieved, demanding that AZN 211 million embezzled from the bank be drawn from Hajiyev and others.


The judge said that the application has been added to the materials relating to the case and will be investigated later.


Hajiyev’s attorney Fakhraddin Mehdiyev said it is absurd to recognize both sides as aggrieved.  


“The International Bank’s powers were handed over to the Aqrar Kredit CJSC in 2015 in order to solve issues relating to the loans. In this case, it is wrong to recognize the bank as victim. We’re asking the court that copies of documents on the problematic loans and of the documents signed by the Ministry of Finance, the International Bank, and the Aqrar Kredit LLC be presented to the court,” he said.


Rasim Fatullayev said AZN 505,000 loan was taken out in his name on the order of the company.


Another witness Rauf Shahbazov said that in connection with Azad Javadov’s case loans were taken in the name of 10 people from among the company’s employees. “they told us the loan had been taken for the Hazelnut factory.”


The prosecutor reminded the witness that there is AZN 107,800 loan in the bank in his name.


Ali Hasanov confirmed that he has taken out a loan from the bank. The prosecutor said in his name there is AZN 352,000 in the bank. Ali Hasanov noted that he learned it while being interrogated.


The trial will be resumed on August 31.








Baku. Etibar Mammadov – APA. The Baku Court of Grave Crimes on Monday resumed the trial of the arrested former chairman of the International Bank of Azerbaijan Jahangir Hajiyev and seven more people connected with him.


The defendant, Azad Javadov, said in his speech he and Jahangir Hajiyev have been fellow students, adding that he began to work as a deputy director and later director of a hazelnut factory.


“Initially, a loan of 5 million manats was taken out from the International Bank and the enterprise was offered as a pledge. They failed to pay off the 5 million manats. As a consequence, the enterprise was taken over by the bank. We have the necessary documents to present to the court,” he said.


Public prosecutor Farid Naghiyev asked who the idea of taking out a loan of 17 million manats in two days came from. Javadov replied, saying “I told Jahangir about the necessity to take out a loan to pay off that amount and did so.”


Javadov mentioned that he had faced charges in the past over failure to pay off loans.


Asked for what purpose the amount of 816,000 manats had been taken in the name of his mother-in-law, Javadov said: “The loan had previously been registered in attorney Akif Malikov’s name and that one day the latter said he could not buy a refrigerator on credit because of the large amount of credit in his name already. For this reason, I had to re-register the loan in my mother-in-law’s name.”


As for the discovery of arms in house, he said what they call cold weapon had been given to him by his brother-in-law 10 years ago.


“They found that item in their second search of my house and experts said that it was a cold weapon, apart from which there was ax twice as big. As for the firearm, I’m unaware of that,” he said.


The prosecutor noted that Javadov’s fingertips have been detected on the firearm found in the house.


Later, Javadov said that the loan of 60 million manats taken out by the hazelnut factory was spent on expanding the enterprise and that the process was going on under the control of the International Bank.


“There is embezzlement here. In case of failure in paying off the debt, according to the contract, the enterprise was a pledge anyway. The factory was then taken over by “Aqrar Kredit” CJSC,” he said.


Hajiyev confirmed Javadov’s statements and said, “A guarantee contract had been signed about the factory. Azad Javadov is a close friend of mine and out of trust I invited him to join administration of the enterprise. He justified my trust; the loans were paid off under his leadership. The accusations that the factory still owes 6 million manats are baseless, and so is his accusation of arms,”


Then witnesses made their speech.


Inter Security LLC employees testified that they had taken out the loans on order and that they are unaware of what the loans were spent on.


The process will be resumed after the break.


Those involved in the case are accused under articles 179.3.1, 179.3.2 (embezzlement on a large scale by an organized group), 308.2 (abuse of power, resulting in grave consequences), 309.2 (abuse of power, resulting in grave crimes), 313 (official forgery), 228.1 and 228.4 (illegal storage and carrying of firearms).

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