CoE experts’ report on NGOs presented in Baku

A conference, entitled “Conformity of Azerbaijan’s legislation and practice on NGOs to European standards”, kicked off in Baku April 18.


After the hearing of recommendations by Council of Europe experts, a report prepared by a team of EU experts as part of the joint EU-CoE project “Civil society dialogue in Azerbaijan” was presented at the conference, APA reported.


Addressing the event, the vice-speaker of the Azerbaijani Parliament, Bahar Muradova, noted that whatever necessary has been done in Azerbaijan for NGOs to become a part of social life since the country gained its independence.


“Our country has joined relevant conventions and adopted some laws. The state program “Azerbaijan 2020: A look into the future” includes provisions on NGO development,” said Muradova noting that international cooperation is of great importance in this regard.  


The vice-speaker stressed that the Azerbaijani government has always favored overt and transparent discussion of problems.


“Institutional support for law enforcement is well ensured. We’ve been able to create fertile conditions for the development of NGOs,” she added.


Elman Pashayev, an official of the Azerbaijani Presidential Administration, said that some work has been done and several meetings have been held with the participation of experts and NGO representatives within the framework of the project.


According to him, recommendations on conformity of the activities of NGOs to international standards will play a positive role in achieving civil dialogue.


“Strengthening the activities of NGOs is not only limited to improving legislative issues. There is a need to increase the professionalism, transparency and accountability of NGO members,” he added.


The chairman of the Council of State Support to NGOs, Azay Guliyev, said that Azerbaijan always stands ready to cooperate with international organizations in the field of legislation on NGOs.


Dragana Filipovic, head of the Council of Europe Office in Baku said that the aim of the project is to improve the activities of NGOs and create a favorable environment for them.


Malena Mard, head of the EU Delegation in Azerbaijan said that the organization she represents always supports the development of civil societies and the project will operate for another year.



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/ 26 May, 2018