10:15 20 July

Azerbaijani teachers issue statement on upcoming presidential election

An initiative group of Azerbaijani teachers have issued a statement regarding the presidential election to take place in the country on April 11.


The statement says that national education policy has improved remarkably during President Ilham Aliyev’s reign, with crucial steps taken towards integration into international educational system.


“During these years, a number of state programs have been adopted for the development of education, which resulted in improved quality of education at all levels, significant achievements have been made in expanding educational opportunities for children and young people, applying modern management models, strengthening the capacity and competence of staff potential, pedagogy of general education facilities, providing education for children with disabilities, providing guidance to staff, evaluating and stimulating teaching activities, updating educational resources, modernizing material and technical base, providing education with modern information and communication technologies,” reads the statement.


The statement also praises progress achieved in the field of infrastructure renewal of general education institutions over the past 14 years.


“Over the past fourteen years, 3,104 new schools have been built or overhauled. The establishment of modular schools has been started in order to renew school buildings with small contingent of students even in the country’s remote villages. In 2017, 106 such types of schools were built, 137 of them are expected to be launched in the current year,” the statement says.


The statement further says that despite unstable financial situation in many countries, the salaries of more than 140,000 teachers working in Azerbaijan’s general education schools have been double as a result of fundamental reforms carried out in Azerbaijan in the area of promotion teachers’ labor in last years.


“As a result of successful educational policy pursued under the leadership of the head of state, the reputation of teachers has been significantly increased in the society.

This is a reality that Azerbaijani teachers have always been supporters of the president’s policy. This is our principled position and this will always remain so, because when Ilham Aliyev was elected as a president for the first time, he promised “to be the president of each citizen”, and he proved it in practice. Dear compatriots, by voting for Ilham Aliyev, a worthy successor to national leader Heydar Aliyev’s political course, in the forthcoming election, you will vote for the future of independent Azerbaijan, distinct fate of our national education, guarantee of our independence, and tranquility in our country!” the statement reads.  

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/ 21 July , 2018