Azerbaijan deports 16 Arab tourists for violating hunting rules

Sixteen Arab tourists have been fined and deported from Azerbaijan for violating the country’s hunting rules, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources told APA on Friday.  


The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources analyzed media reports and videos (posted on social networks) about unethical behavior of foreign tourists during hunting on the territory of Azerbaijan and the violation of the country's laws by them.    


The analyses found out that some of the videos had been filmed in other countries. There were also videos captured on the territory of Azerbaijan, according to the ministry.


The ministry pointed out that companies offer services to local and foreign hunters in Azerbaijan in autumn-winter season on the basis of a quota allocated within the law.


The ministry further said it favors restrictions on hunting activities, however, based on the laws of Azerbaijan, local and foreign hunters can enjoy their rights.


“Pursuant to international obligations undertaken by Azerbaijan, the Cabinet of Ministers passed a decision (30 September 2004) approving the issuance of hunting licenses to foreigners and stateless persons,” the ministry said.  


The analyses show that the animals and birds seen in the footages are not the ones listed in Azerbaijan’s Red Book.


Under current regulations, local hunters can hunt up to six wetland birds and one rabbit in one hunting day and foreign hunter can hunt up to ten wetland birds and two rabbits in five hunting days. Foreign hunters usually go hunting in groups and usually tend to share pictures of what they have hunted. According to preliminary analyses, serious investigations are needed before taking any measure.


The ministry went on to say that tourism companies have already been warned that they should give instructions to foreign hunters in advance and behave in a manner that corresponds to the expectations of the Azerbaijani people.


“In case any tourist shows disrespect to Azerbaijan’s values by not observing the ethics of hunting, the cooperation with those companies will be ceased,” the ministry warned.


In this hunting season alone 16 hunting tourists have been fined for violating the Azerbaijan’s laws and they were deported from the country upon the recommendation of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources.



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