10:32 19 July
10:27 19 July

Argument erupts during trial of former MNS general

The Baku Military Court on Friday resumed the trial in the case involving head of the Anti-Terrorism Center of the liquidated Ministry of National Security (MNS) of Azerbaijan, Major-General Elchin Guliyev and another former MNS official Azer Mehdiyev. 


During the trial, victim Matlab Mustafayev’s sister, Irade Humbatova, gave testimony, noting that MNS officials illegally searched their home all over but could not find anything. He blamed this on Elchin Guliyev and had an angry argument with him.


Later on, Guliyev said in his speech that his job was to present data on operations to the investigative body. 


“I didn’t have another role in that matter. The indictment against Matlab Mustafayev was also upheld by the prosecutor’s office. Once there was a plan to blast a filling station. We presented data but law enforcement agencies were skeptical. Then I went to Zakir Garalov and reported to him. Then that person was arrested. I had respect for Matlab Mustafayev’s brother who had worked for the MNS. When he departed,” he said. 


The process will be resumed on August 18.


Elchin Guliyev and the others face the charges under the Articles 145.3 (Illegal imprisonment on negligence ended with death of the victim or other serious consequences, 181.3.1 (Burglary by organized group), 181.3.2 (Burglary with a view to occupy large size of property), 182.3.1 (Extortion by organized group), 182.3.2 (Extortion with a purpose of occupying large size of property), 302.2 (Infringement of the legislation on operative - search activity committed with use of special means, intended for secret dredging the information), 308.2 (Abusing official powers) 309.2 (Excess of official powers committed with application of violence or with threat of its application, or with application of weapon or other special means, or entailed heavy consequences),  311.3.1 (Reception of a bribe on preliminary arrangement by group of persons or organized group), 311.3.2 (repeated reception of a bribe), 311.3.3 (reception of a bribe in the large amount) of the Criminal Code. 

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