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Press Council: Mehman Aliyev’s release another example of Azerbaijani president’s sensitive attitude towards media

The release of director of Turan News Agency Mehman Aliyev from prison is another vivid example of President Ilham Aliyev’s sensitive approach towards the media, Press Council chairman Aflatun Amashov told APA.


Today, the Baku City Yasamal district court changed the measure of restraint in respect of Director of Turan News Agency Mehman Aliyev, his lawyer Fuad Aghayev told APA.


Mehman Aliyev was released from custody and placed under house arrest upon his recognizance not to leave the country.


“We [Press Council] have always believed in this and were sure that the case would be investigated fairly under the president’s instructions, and a humane step would be taken in relation to Mehman Aliyev.  


The fact that President Ilham Aliyev is the guarantor of freedom of speech and expression in Azerbaijan is an undeniable reality, stressed Amashov. “Of course, the issue concerning Mehman Aliyev will be investigated. However, we believe that his release is an important condition. This is the president’s attitude towards the media.

Therefore, we express our deepest gratitude to Ilham Aliyev for his sensitive approach to the appeal of the Press Council regarding Mehman Aliyev,” he said.


President Ilham Aliyev noted in his speech that some kind of moratorium was recorded in connection with the arrests of journalists in Azerbaijan, said Amashov.


According to him, in this case, representatives of the media should direct their activities to deepen freedom of speech and expressed in the society.   


“Freedom of speech and information is the highest democratic values. Therefore, media workers are not held criminally responsible for their professional activities. This is the president’s will, and he expressed his opinion on this matter back in 2009,” said Amashov, recalling that the president showed his sensitive attitude to the media when the editor-in-chief of Tazadlar newspaper, Asif Marzili, was arrested several years ago.  



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/ 26 April, 2018