Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev: "Support for journalists will be continued"

“Journalists camp will be constructed in the future”

Baku – APA. Opening ceremony of the residential building constructed for journalists in Bibiheybet settlement of Sabail district is being held.

APA reports that prior to the event, journalists visited the graves of Heydar Aliyev and Hasan bey Zardabi - founder of the national press in the Alley of Honor.

Following this, the journalists arrived at the site of the building. President Ilham Aliyev also attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. The Head of State congratulated journalists on July 22 - National Press Day. President Ilham Aliyev said that inauguration of apartments built for journalists is a double celebration: “For the first time in the world, houses have been constructed for journalists. Journalists can’t buy houses with their salaries. The initiative put forward at the meeting with media representatives was immediately supported."

The President said that new complex, large water complex and other facilities would be built in the surrounding areas. Various media representatives with different political views have been given houses: “It shows that there is no discrimination in any sphere in Azerbaijan. There is a healthy atmosphere in Azerbaijan and the activity of journalists would further improve this atmosphere.”

The Head of State noted that the freedom of the press was enhanced as Heydar Aliyev annulled the censorship and Azerbaijan is having its say in the application of modern technology. "Internet journalism is developing in Azerbaijan as in the world. The state carries out programs on the proliferation of the Internet. So, we can say that freedom of speech has been fully ensured. This is the way it should be. Economic, social and public processes should be based on innovative ideas in Azerbaijan. Journalism plays an important role in the formation of the democratic society in our country. Azerbaijan will continue to fully ensure freedom of speech and other freedoms in the future. The place has been envisaged for sanctioned rallies nearby, the journalists will be able to cover them from the balconies. President Ilham Aliyev stressed the necessity of applying best practice in Azerbaijan. He said responsibility of journalists has always been a matter of debate: “Responsibility of journalists shows itself in the free press. In the recent years journalists feel the responsibility more. There are very few offensive articles in the press. On the other hand, false information can not live long in the modern internet era. Press Council maintains a constant focus on these issues. I do not want to speak about the professionalism of journalists, you regularly speak about it. If you need any support from the state, we'll support you for training young, skilled workers faster. In general, our journalism is loyal to the people and state. Personal, party, corporate interests are observed sometimes. It should not be allowed. There must be a strong sense of patriotism especially in the young states. This is not just a slogan. Our young people should be brought up with patriotic spirit and journalism plays an important role in this field. Independence is our happiness and great value. Therefore, it is very important for journalists to be patriotic. They should protect the interests of the state and avoid harmful steps. Furthermore, the problems existing in the society should be resolved within the country.”

According to the Head of State, if we have been living as an independent country for 22 years, we should ourselves solve all problems.
“There is no divergence regarding economic, political course. Therefore, we should solve all our problems ourselves. Articles are written regarding independence and patriotism. I do not consider this is enough. Our generation is lucky that we are living in an independent, free state. We should evaluate it, independence should be above all. Independence is not only the protection of state attributes, but also of the state interests,” he said.

President Ilham Aliyev underlined the importance of covering Nagorno Karabakh conflict in foreign media.
“NGOs are active in this sphere, media representatives also have access to foreign media. It should be enhanced. The state is ready to give support in through grants and other forms. Several countries have recently recognized Khojaly genocide, because the state and society are focusing attention on this issue. No one but journalists can cover well the realities of the state and society. Azerbaijan has made great achievements and it is impossible to ignore these realities. But the Armenian lobby is fighting against Azerbaijan in all the countries, where they are strong. They want to create impressions that Armenians can not live within Azerbaijan. We should take it into account. The world should be informed about the tolerance, religious tolerance and realities in other spheres through internet resources. We know that there are some problems, but we have also made great achievements. Azerbaijan is a member of the UN Security Council, a number of criteria of the developed countries have been applied in Azerbaijan. We have much to say, simply there should be coordination in this sphere. Patriotism should be above all. The collision of political views is natural, but we should not sacrifice state interests for personal ambitions. Independence is the greatest value and we should protect our independence. Unfortunately, some have the slave psychology, seek support abroad. Saying abroad, it does not matter for me in which pole it is located. The processes are moving in the negative direction, there are conflicts in a number of places of the world. Will somebody defend our interests better than we do? No, they won’t,”

President Ilham Aliyev said state care for media would be continued.
“150 journalists will live in the building we are inaugurating today. But there are more journalists, who need and deserve state support. Taking into account the initiative, support for journalists will be continued. I do not rule out that it will become a journalists’ camp,” he said.

President Ilham Aliyev inaugurated the building constructed for the journalists. The Head of State viewed the building. Following this, President Ilham Aliyev attended the ground-breaking ceremony of a new building for journalists.

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