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Defendants in the Nardaran events gave testimony in court

Baku. Shahriyar Alizadeh - APA. Today Baku Court on Grave Crimes continued the trial on Taleh Bagirzade, Fouad Gahramanli and others’ criminal case.

At the trial presided by Judge Alovsat Abbasov, accused Etibar Ismayilov gave testimony and said that they did not have weapons, and did not shoot.


Prosecutor Ramin Nagdaliyev asked whether he knows how to use a gun and if he was involved in the defense of anyone? Ismailov noted that he was participant of the Karabakh war. But during the events he had no weapon, and did not stand up for anyone. Then the lawyer Neymat Karimli asked if the persons, who came with him, introduced themselves and how he knew Taleh Bagirov. Ismayilov answered that those who came did not introduce themselves, and he knew Taleh Bagirov from the "Freedom to hijab” actvity.


However, in his testimony to the investigation, Etibar Ismailov said that six months ago he was a member of the "Muslim unity" movement. He said he saw Taleh Bagirov once in the mosque, when he was talking about morality. On the day of the event, when he learned that Taleh Bagirov was holding a meeting in honor of Imam Hussein, he went there but in Nardaran village he was detained by police and was taken to that house. Arriving to the house, he did not enter into the courtyard. After police entered, the sound of gunfire was heard. Though he did not understand who opened fire first, but as he was a participant of the Karabakh war, he realized that it is the firing of machine guns. Grenades and a dagger he took with him in the case Taleh Bagirov and his associates were attacked.


Accused Bahruz Asgarov gave similar testimony, and said he did not consider himself guilty.


In his testimony to the investigation Bahruz Asgarov pleaded not guilty and said that the main work of the “Muslim unity” movement was to protect Haji Taleh, gather around him, support the rules required by him, socialize issues related to the hijab. From November 2015 Taleh Bagirov, began to live in the village of Nardaran in Abulfaz Bunyadov's house . The purpose of the settlement in the village was to protect themselves from law enforcement agencies and to enlist the support of the villagers. During Taleh Bagirov residence in Nardaran, Askerov in every 3-4 days used to go to Bunyadov’s house, met with Taleh and guarded him with others. People who were close to Haji Taleh, guarded him, saying that they would confront those who wanted to stop him, and even were willing to sacrifice their lives for him. On that day, when he performed prayers, police officers entered into the yard. At this time, all those who were at home immediately got up and fled in different directions. Those, who had machine guns and pistols, opened fire on police officers. One of Haji Taleh’ supporters threw a grenade towards the police, which exploded. At this time he was approached by police officers and grenade and brass knuckles were taken from him.



Accused Farhad Babayev said that was shot during the events. During the investigation, the prosecutor asked him, if he confirmed his testimony or not. The accused said that he does not confirm the information that he had a grenade on him and also said that he did not have weapons. The prosecutor also asked if he had been earlier in that house. Babayev noted he had not been.


However, during the preliminary investigation Farhad Babayev noted that on that day around 14:00 at the time of their prayer, he heard the sound of gunfire from the street. When he went outside a few people in black opened fire with automatic weapons. Sarvan standing next to him fell down. Seeing that Sarvan and his villager Bahruz were shot and wounded, he dragged them into white VAZ-2107. Along with the driver, they arrived at the hospital in Nardaran. Sarvan has died in the hospital. After that he went to the morgue and surrendered to the police.



In his testimony, accused Shamil Abdullayev also called the accusations against him unfounded. He said that he was wounded during the incident.


The prosecutor asked him why he went to the Taleh Bagirov, how he knew that the people in the house had no weapons. The prosecutor asked whether someone opened fire on the policemen. The accused said that he respected Bagirov as person, who protected the rights of people, and in that house all were praying and wore light dresses therefore he noticed that no one had the weapon.


Shamil Abdullayev in the preliminary investigation also gave the different testimony. He noted that first time he had seen Taleh Bagirov in the mosque “Abulfaz Abbas" in Bilgah 3-4 months before the incudent. November 26, 2015 around 11:00 on arrival in Nardaran village in Abulfaz’s house he saw that a large number of stones and batons were gathered in the yard. Around this time, 20-25 people were in the house and all were guarding Taleh Bagirov. On the same day, after prayers, police officers entered the yard, and he being inside the house heard the sound of gunfire. After this, he immediately went out with a grenade and bayonet to neutralize them but failed.


Speaking at the trial, Taleh Bagirov expressed his objurgation to these publications in the press and asked the court to take a decision in this regard.


The judge responded by saying that the process is open, and they have no function to control the press.


The trial will continue on August 11.


Taleh Bagirov is charged under paragraphs 120.2.1, 120.2.3, 120.2.4, 120.2.7, 120.2.12 of article 120 (premeditated murder), 29,120.2.1, 29,120.2.3, 29,120.2.4, 29,120.2.7, 29,120.2.12 29,120 of article 29,120(attempt to murder), under articles 228.3 (illegal purchase of firearms) and 228.4 (illegal possession of firearms). Taleh Bagirov was detained by law enforcement officials during a special operation in Nardaran settlement of Baku on 26 November. During the operation 60 people were detained. The criminal case of some of them were sent to the Sabunchu District Court. 


Deputy chairman of Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (APFP) Fuad Gahramanli was arrested on December 8,2015.


He was brought to justice as a suspect under the Article 281.1 (public calls against the state) and 283.2 (incitement of national, racial, social or religious enmity and hatred by using violence) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan.

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