Court continues trial of Taleh Baghirov and others

Baku. Shahriyar Alizade – APA. The Baku Court of Grave Crimes on Sept.21 resumed the trial of Taleh Baghirov, Fuad Gahramanli and others.


Witness Ibrahim Kazimov, an employee of the Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime, gave testimony at the hearing presided over by judge Alovsat Abbasov.


He said that he disarmed Rasim Jabrayilov during the operation held in Nardaran. The witness said that he saw that Rasim fired and took his weapon.


The accused Abbas Huseynov asked him to talk aloud and insulted him. The judge warned Huseynov and demanded the warning to be mentioned in the protocol. Then the judge announced a break.


Following the break, the judge said that Kazimov will be called another time to testify.


He once again warned the accused persons.


Then another employee of the Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime Kamil Mammadov also testified at the hearing. He said that he disarmed Agil Ismayilov and seized a grenade from him.


The lawyers asked him how he entered the house during the shooting. He replied that they entered the house after the shooting is over. When the lawyer asked why the shooting is over, the witness replied ‘they probably came to their senses’. This caused objection of the accused person. Abbas Huseynov caviled at the judge requiring him to warn the witness.


Judge Abbasov instructed Huseynov’s to be removed from the courtroom.


Then a break was announced.


Following the break, the hearing was resumed with absence of Huseynov. The judge said that although he warned several times, Huseynov doesn’t obey the rules. “He was warned three times today. You are also witnessing his acts. Huseynov will be allowed to the hearing he appeals the court in a written form, asks for an apology and promises that he will no more repeat such acts”, said the judge.


Baghirov and Fuad Gahramanli promised that Huseynov won’t disrespect the court again. The judge wanted Huseynov to appeal. The defendants refused it. They said in this case they won’t attend the hearing and will refuse the lawyers. Then the defendants asked judge for time to have a consultation.


Huseynov attended the hearing after the break.


Huseynov said he didn’t disrespect anyone, but want the court to protect his rights. The judge said his rights are being protected.


Then, Kamil Mammadov answered the questions of the participants. He said he detained Ismayilov in the kitchen, but Ismayilov claimed that he was detained by another man in the yard and he didn’t have a gun. The witness refuted his claims.


Taleh Baghirov asked him why the anti-terrorism operation was conducted by Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime. He said they conducted this operation as an armed group was involved in the incident. The witness said he suffered moral damage during the incident.


The hearing will be resumed on September 22.

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/ 20 June, 2018