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Baku court continues trial of Taleh Baghirov and others

Baku. Shahriyar Alizada – APA. Baku Court on Grave Crimes proceeded a hearing on Wednesday on the criminal case of Taleh Baghirov, Fuad Gahramanli and others.


APA reports that accused persons asked the court to call witness Shahlar Jafarov to testify at the hearing presided over by judge Alovsat Abbasov. They said that the witness didn’t complete his testimony at the latest hearing. The judge said that Shahlar Jafarov will be recalled to the hearing in the afternoon.


Later, an employee of the Main Directorate for Combating Organize Crime Uzeyir Salahov testified at the hearing. He said that they conducted an operation in Naradaran upon the information received by the department. According to the witness, during the operation they were shot at from the house.


During the shooting, he neutralized Farayil Bunyatov. “He run out bullets. When I disarmed him I saw he was injured. We gave him first aid and sent him to hospital.


Operating officer Salahov questioned as an aggrieved person, said in his testimony at the preliminary interrogation that the Main Directorate received information that previously convicted Baghirov Taleh, the head of the Muslim Unity Movement who lived in Nardaran, in order to seize power and change the constitutional order by force, violate socio-political stability, commit provocations, mass unrest and terror acts in the country, in concert with other persons, created an illegal armed gang operating under the guise of religion and for this purpose, obtained and kept firearms, ammunition, explosives. After that, an operation group was created which held an operation in that house. Though the persons in the house and the yard were several times warned not to shoot at the police officers when they entered the yard, the persons threw a hand grenade at the police officers. They, at the same time, fired at the group members using weapons and pistols. At that time, Vugar Nasibov and Ismayil Taghiyev were wounded by grenade splinters and fire. When he entered the yard, he saw that in the houses on the right side and the left side, there are persons with grenades, knives, daggers, nunchucks, and firearms in their hands. During the operation, he disarmed the person who several times shot at the police and took his gun. When determining the identity of that person, he was known to be Farayil Bunyatov. The examination revealed that during armed resistance, Bunyatov had thorax and abdominal injuries. He didn’t receive any injury during operations in Nardaran settlement on November 26, 2015.


Answering questions of the prosecutor, the witness said that he saw the barricade in the yard of Taleh Baghirov’s house and opened fire at those hiding there.


Salahov said he also fired at the place where shooting took place.


They said they didn’t go there to kill someone.


Then the witness said that he suffered moral damage.


The accused persons claimed that Bunyatov was beaten to death by police officers in the car.


The employee of Main Directorate for Combating Organize Crime, Shahlar Jafarov also answered the questions at the hearing.


Accused persons Zakir Mustafayev and Agil Ismayilov said they were tortured by Shahlar Jafarov. Jabbar Jabbarov said that Jafarov insulted them. The witness refused these claims.


Lawyer Yalchin Imanov asked the witness about the reason of his aggression, but he couldn’t explain it.


The accused persons threw their shoes at the witness, after he was questioned. Court supervisors prevented them.


The judge demanded to draw up an act.


The hearing will be proceeded on September 8. 

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