Former deputy head of Azerbaijan’s Khazar district executive authority recognized as victim in case of MNS ex-official

The former deputy head of Azerbaijan’s Khazar district executive authority, Alakbar Heydarov, is among those recognized as victims in the criminal case filed against Major General Elchin Guliyev, former head of the Anti-Terrorist Center of the liquidated Ministry of National Security (MNS), and other arrested alongside him.


In his testimony during the preliminary investigation, Alakbar Heydarov, former first deputy head of the Kazakh district excusive authority said that he was taken to the deputy head of the MSN Anti-Terrorist Center, Ilgar Aliyev.  


“Ilgar Aliyev told me that minister Eldar Mahmudov was informed that I had been summoned here. He said that I was selling land on a fake order. I objected rejecting all the accusations. In response, he reminded me that I have a son. Ilgar Aliyev said that weapons or drugs could be found in my son's car so I need to think about it,” said Heydarov.


The victim continued: “Then Ilgar Aliyev demanded 500,000 manats from me. I said that I don’t have that amount of money. Then Ilgar Aliyev wrote 300,000 manats on paper, saying that this is the last figure, and demanded to bring this money the next day. During the conversation, Aliyev said that most of the money will be transferred to the minister and department heads, and he will receive only a small amount left. I again said that I cannot find this money in one day and asked him to give me time. Then Ilgar Aliyev demanded to bring the money in a week, and instructed me not to tell anyone about this. I agreed with him.” 


According to the victim, he borrowed money from his friends and gave Ilgar Aliyev a week later.


Defendant Elchin Guliyev in his testimony rejected all the accusations, noting that he do not know Alakbar Heydarov.


Elchin Guliyev is charged under Articles 145.3 (illegal imprisonment on negligence ended with death of the victim or other serious consequences, 181.3.1 (burglary by organized group), 181.3.2 (burglary with a view to occupy large size of property), 182.3.1 (extortion by organized group), 182.3.2 (extortion with a purpose of occupying large size of property), 302.2 (infringement of the legislation on operative - search activity committed with use of special means, intended for secret dredging the information), 308.2 (abusing official powers) 309.2 (excess of official powers committed with application of violence or with threat of its application, or with application of weapon or other special means, or entailed heavy consequences),  311.3.1 (reception of a bribe on preliminary arrangement by group of persons or organized group), 311.3.2 (repeated reception of a bribe), 311.3.3 (reception of a bribe in the large amount) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan. 

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/ 19 June, 2018