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Company director gets 8 years over deadly high-rise fire in Baku

The Baku Court of Grave Crimes on Friday resumed the trial of those accused in the criminal case initiated over the deadly fire in a high-rise that left 15 people dead and 50 other wounded in Azerbaijan’s capital in 2015.  


Judge Afghan Hajiyev has pronounced the verdict concerning Miryusif Mahmudov, founder of Global Stone LLC and Global Construction LLC. Mahmudov has been deprived of holding a position in leadership for three years and sentenced to eight years in prison, APA reported.


The other defendants—Ughur Bashirov, Gazanfar Novruzov, Adalat Rajabov, and Nizami Orujov—have been sentenced to five, four, four, and three and a half years in prison respectively.


The court imposed a conditional penalty for Aghajavad Mammadov and Akif Alibayov.


The prosecutor had sought ten years for Miryusif Mahmudov, seven years for Alakbar Asgarov, eight years for Ughur Bashirov, seven years for Gazanfar Novruzov, seven years for Adalat Rajabov, five years for Nizami Orujov, five years for Aghajavad Mammadov, and five years for Akif Alibeyov.


Due to the existence of sufficient suspicions of damaging the rights and legally protected interests of citizens and state as a result of not using authorities through duties assigned its observance, Miryusif Mahmudov, founder of Global Stone LLC and Global Construction LLC, Ugur Bashirov, General Manager of Global Stone LLC, which produced polyurethane for facing buildings, Deputy Chairman of Global Construction LLC Alakbar Asgarov, head of the economic department of Binagadi district executive power and former head of housing and communal services of Binagadi district in 2012-2013, Adalat Rajabov, head of Binagadi district housing and public utility Nizami Orujov were sentenced to 4-month imprisonment under articles #225.2 (infringement of fire safety rules which on imprudence brought to death of a victim or other heavy consequences) and #308.2 (abusing official powers entailed heavy consequences) of the Criminal Code.  They were sentenced to four months in prison. Their prison term has been extended several times.


Chief of Testing Laboratory of 'Dernegul Boru Zavodu' Closed Joint Stock Company Mammadov Aghajavad, Director General of the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health Alibayov Akif were also involved in the criminal case, but they were not sentenced to pre-trial detention.

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