10:13 22 May

Baku court continues trial in ‘Nardaran case’

Baku. Shahriyar Alizade – APA. The Baku Court of Grave Crimes on Wednesday resumed the trial of Taleh Baghirov, Fuad Gahramanli and others, who are accused of the events of Nardaran.


At the hearing, judge Alovsat Abbasov said that the court has received an appeal from Abbas Huseynov.


The judge mentioned that his presence was ensured and warned Anar Huseynov: “If you have any objection, let your lawyers know it and appeal to us within the law.


Huseynov said that he did not violate any rules and he object that the police who testify as witnesses aggrieved persons are asked guiding questions.


Later, employee of the Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime Ramil Salmanov testified. He said that they held the operation upon the information received regarding Taleh Baghirov. He said that he disarmed Jahad Babakishizade during the operation.


Answering the prosecutor’s questions, he said that he didn’t see any child and woman in the house where the operation was held. To most questions of the lawyers, he replied ‘I don’t remember’.


Lawyer Nemat Karimli said that he suffers from a memory disorder and wanted to file a petition in this regard. However, the judge said that the petition will be discussed after the questioning is over. 


Taleh Baghirov asked the witness if the operation was recorded or not. He said he didn’t see any video recording. Fuad Gahramanli said that witness gives false testimony. The judge said they heard everything: “With what you are not satisfied? An open hearing is being held and everything is being typed.


Later on Babakishizade insulted the witness, showing him unethical gestures.


The judge ordered Babakishizade out of the courtroom. The order was followed and the witness’s speech was interrupted.


Lawyer Yalchin Imanov demanded an expertise for Ramil Salmanov, noting that the person’s ability to remember those incidents remains a question.


The judge said the petition would be discussed later.


Yalchin Imanov added that he wanted to have the protocols from the 22-23 September hearing, noting that the attorney on the same day appealed to the Board of Lawyers on suspicion that the protocols may have been distorted. He demanded that the complaint sent to the Board be presented to him too. The judge promised that the protocol will be presented to them once it is ready, adding that he had written to the Board a piece of information rather than complaint. He said they can obtain the letter from the Board.


Later on, Firuz Mehdiyev, an employee of the Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime, testified, saying during the operation he arrested only one person and that was Abulfaz Bunyatov.


Answering questions of the prosecutor, Mehdiyev said he does not know how many people opened fire at them. Attorney Yalchin Imanov asked him how Bunyatov got injured. The witness said he does not know how. Mehdiyev added that he only had moral suffering and did not take part.


The process will be resumed on September 30.


Taleh Baghirov faces charges under Criminal Code’s articles #120 (premeditated murder), 120.2.1, 120.2.3, 120.2.4, 120.2.7, 120.2.12, 29, 120 (attempt to premeditated murder), 29,120.2.1, 29,120.2.3 , 29,120.2.4, 120.2.7, 120.2.12 , 228.3 (illegal purchase of firearms), 228.4 (illegal carrying of weapons) and others. On November 26, 2015, law enforcement agencies conducted a special operation in Nardaran township, Baku, arresting Taleh Baghirov and 60 others. Separate criminal proceedings were initiated against some of them and their criminal cases were sent to the Sabunchu district court, which passed verdicts against them.


Fuad Gahramanli was jailed for three months on December 8, 2015. He is charged under the Article 281.1 (public calls for the violent seizure of power) and 283 (inciting national, racial, social or religious enmity and hatred by using violence or threat of violence) and 220.2 (Appeals to active insubordination to legal requirements of representatives of authority and to mass disorders, as well as appeals to violence above citizens) of Azerbaijan’s Criminal Code.

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