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Deputy Minister: Azerbaijan leaves behind Georgia for 6 indicators in tourism

“Georgia began to extinguish for development of tourism in recent years. The matter is about increase of foreign citizens traveling to the country. This is related to several factors. You know that citizens of nearly 100 countries, including US, Canada and EU countries can visit Georgia without visa. Along with this, number of flights by low-cost airlines to Georgia is more than to Azerbaijan”, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Nazim Samadov said in his interview to APA.

According to him, Azerbaijan leaves behind Georgia for 6 indicators in World Economic Forum’s Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017: “On the other hand, despite the number of tourists visiting Georgia is higher than Azerbaijan, tourism turnover in Azerbaijan exceeds Georgia. As to service in Azerbaijan, we are not satisfied with the current situation. Several measures have been taken to eliminate the problems in this field”.


The deputy minister noted that according to current statistical indicators, number of three-star hotels makes up 28, two-star hotels – 2: “These hotels don’t meet the current demand. For this purpose, the ministry is conducting relevant researches, holding meetings with new and potential businessmen about increasing demand and enlightenment”.


Answering question about high price of air tickets, Samadov noted that measures were taken to organize flights of low-cost airlines and WizzAir, Pobeda and AirArabia airlines already implement flights: “Along with this, Buta Airways was established in 2016 and is planned to start flights in the autumn. However, organization of flights at lower price for local and foreign tourists is on the agenda”.


Samadov noted that there is a lack of room in hotels while there were many vacant rooms last year. There is no monopoly in tourism and hotel segment, excursions, car rent and other services.


He said according to analysis of the last year, a tourist spent $700 on average in Azerbaijan: “This includes ticket, accommodation, meal, trading. Tourists stay in Azerbaijan for 3 or 4 days on average”.




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/ 17 July , 2018