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Cadi Council of Caucasian Muslims Board issues fatwa on Month of Muharram

Baku. Parvin Abbasov – APA. The Cadi Council of the Caucasian Muslims Board issued a fatwa on the occasion of the Month of Muharram, press service of the Caucasian Muslims Board told APA.

According to the fatwa issued by the Cadi Council, the beginning of the new year 1432 – the first of the Month of Muharram falls on December 7, 2010 by Christian calendar.

“The Month of Muharram is one of the sacred months of the Hijri calendar. Islam bans fights in this sacred month. Ashura – the tenth day of the Month of Muharram is the day when Imam Hussain and the Holy Infallibles were killed. Karbala tragedy is the most grievous, but at the same time honorable day in the history of Muslims. Commemoration of the life and struggle of Imam Hussain is of great importance,” the fatwa says.

According to the fatwa, Ashura falls on December 16, 2010.

“On these mourning days in memory of Karbala martyrs, we offer condolences to all faithful people and ask Allah for patience of them and recommend conducting the mourning ceremonies worthy to Imam Hussain (as). The people should keep the peace during the Ashura ceremonies in the mosques and shrines and pray for the Karbala martyrs, observe the discipline and order and avoid the actions not appreciated by Islam, actions like harming themselves with chain and daggers. There has been good tradition of blood donation campaign during the Ashura day in recent years initiated by the Caucasus Muslims Office to help ill people for Imam Hussain (as). This experience should be spread among the Muslims. We are hopeful that believers will learn essence of martyrdom philosophy of Islam deeper during the Imam Hussain mourning days. Our people, who realizes this wisdom and respects the memory of martyrs fallen in the battles for the independence of Azerbaijan, will demonstrate more persistence and unite closely to protect territorial integrity of our country, sustainable progress of our Homeland, to protect holy religious and moral values”, - said Sheikh-al-Islam in his fatwa.

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