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Some details emerge on murder of Azerbaijani soldier serving in Russian army

On December 4, Sadiq Mirzayev's body was taken to Baku and buried

Baku – APA. Some details have emerged on the murder of an Azerbaijani soldier who served in the Russian army.
Sadiq Mirzayev, 19, was murdered in the 104th regiment of the 76th assault division located in Pskov on November 27. His friend said Sadiq Mirzayev and his killer have had quarrels before, APA reports citing the Volkhov newspaper.
He noted that quarrels were mostly due to S. Mirzayev’s national identity.
“After his murder, we went to the military unit together with Sadiq’s father. We learned from soldiers that following the last argument the murderer called Sadiq to bathroom and stabbed him in his belly with a knife wrapped in a towel. At that moment, one of two other soldiers present there tried to help Sadiq but was wounded in his throat by the same murderer. On top of that, the killer inflicted injury to another soldier while fleeing the bathroom,” he said.
The newspaper also said that prior to his military service S. Mirzayev had studied at the faculty of economics, the Novgorod State University. But after failing a math examination he took an academic vacation and went to the army. Sadiq’s father Rustam Mirzayev added that he had talked to his son two hours before the incident took place.
“Sadiq said he had to wake up early in the morning and that he was going to sleep. At around 8:00 a.m. Nov. 29, I got a call from the military unit’s hospital. They told me of the killing of my son. I called the military unit right away, but they refused to give me an explanation. I’m sure they had kept my son in the hospital for two days with no medical aid. 
The newspaper “Volkhov” further said the murdered soldier’s parents are certain that there are attempts of covering up the act of killing. But the family said they would no way allow it. 
It’s also said that S. Mirzayev was buried in Baku on December 4.
Note that, despite the assumptions that the fight between the soldiers in the 104th regiment of the 76th assault division occurred on the basis of an ethnic reason, commander of the 76th assault division Alexei Naumets ruled out this probability. 

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