10:12 21 May

Azerbaijan’s National Security Ministry reveals smuggling of special equipment providing internet access

Baku – APA. As a result of operations conducted by the Ministry of National Security (MNS), Ukrainian citizen Yanchitsky Oleksandr Oleksandrovych, who has actually lived in the Garachukhur settlement of Baku, has been detained as a suspect over committing the illegal act of smuggling special equipment providing internet access.

A criminal case has been launched under the Criminal Code’s article #206.3.2 (on preliminary arrangement by group of persons). Yanchitsky Oleksandr Oleksandrovych has been sentenced to pre-trial detention under court decision, the ministry’s public relations center told APA.


The investigation discovered that in order to make a profit, Oleksandr Yanchitsky and others, coming under criminal conspiracy, as a group of persons on preliminary arrangement, acquired 60 Asus RT16 devices, which are worth a great deal of value and provide connectivity to the international network in Georgia’s Kutaisi city, and then smuggled them to the Republic of Azerbaijan via the Tbilisi-Baku highway by bus.


On a preliminary agreement with heads of more than 30 different enterprises as well as major shopping and recreational centers, cafes, restaurants, clubs, and other service and catering establishments in Baku, Oleksandr Yanchitsky had started offering internet services and installed Asus RT16 devices at those facilities, without registering in accordance with the procedure determined by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and without a special permission. During the inspection of the facilities, the devices were found to be in order and connected to a network.


The operations, along with exposing the activities of persons specialized in information and electronic technologies and having necessary skills that could possibly harm Azerbaijan’s economical interests protected by law, also prevented different transnational organized crime groups from having illegal access to the international network. Investigative operations continue in order to other participants of these illegal actions.


Legal entities and individuals involved in public service are warned that offering illegal communication and internet services without state registration in the manner determined by law and without a license are of the actions that can bring about criminal responsibility.


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/ 21 May, 2018