SOCAR spends AZN 76M for environmental remediation

SOCAR Group records a provision in respect of estimated costs of remediation of the damage historically caused to the natural environment primarily in the Absheron area both by the activities of the Group and its legacy operations in periods preceding the formation of the Group.


According to the consolidated report on SOCAR financial activities in 2016, the amount recognized as a provision is the best estimate of the expenditures required to settle the present obligation at the reporting date based on current applicable legislation and regulations, and is also subject to changes because of modifications, revisions and changes in laws and regulations and respective interpretations thereof. Governmental authorities are continually considering applicable regulations and their enforcement. Consequently, the Group’s ultimate liability for environmental remediation may differ from the recorded amounts. As a result of the subjectivity of these provisions there is uncertainty regarding both the amount and estimated timing of incurring such costs. Estimated liability for environmental remediation as of 31 December 2016 amounted to AZN 76 million (2015: AZN 88 million). Changes in any of these conditions may result in adjustments to provisions recorded by the Group.


Management determines discount rate used for discounting environmental remediation costs as pre-tax rate that reflects current market assessments of the time value of money and where appropriate, the risks specific to the liability as of the reporting date. The discount rate used as at 31 December 2016 was 8.73 per cent (2015: 8.59 per cent). Management believes that this discount rate appropriately reflects all risks and uncertainties pertaining to oil and gas exploration, evaluation and development industry in Azerbaijan. Changes in any of these conditions may result in adjustments to provisions recorded by the Group. If the estimated discount rate used in the calculation had been 1 per cent higher/lower than management’s estimate, the carrying amount of the provision would have been AZN 1 million lower / AZN 1 million higher, respectively.

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/ 21 April, 2018