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Tehran says not satisfied with level of Iran-Azerbaijan economic ties

Tehran is not satisfied with the level of economic relations between Azerbaijan and Iran, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi told APA’s Tehran bureau on Monday.


Commenting on the recent meeting of the Iranian and Azerbaijani presidents in Tehran, the spokesman said the two countries have good relations.  


“This meeting was the third meeting between the two presidents. The presidents also had meetings in the context of international meetings,” said Qasemi, adding. “Relations between the two countries are developing. We want to have good neighborly relations with Azerbaijan and we favor peace and stability in the region, especially in a fragile region like the Caucasus.”


He noted that Tehran is not satisfied with the level of economic relations between Azerbaijan and Iran.


"We want to develop these relations. We are holding a discussion about the abolition of the visa regime for Iranian citizens. It is too early to talk about it since it’s a rather complicated issue. We hope that with the support of leaders of both countries, the issue will be resolved in a favorable way," he added.


As for Azerbaijan's good relations with Israel, Qasemi stressed that Baku independently decides on relations with other countries.


Asked to comment on the US support for the establishment of a training center of the Armenian army, Qasemi said the US military presence in the region in recent years has not been positive and successful.


He noted that Washington’s mistakes always lead to problems.


“The effects of some of these mistakes have been felt for years,” said the spokesman, noting that the policy pursued by the US is not effective and has always given negative results.


According to Qasemi, the US military presence, even under any pretext, will not give positive results.


“We recommend the US to take a realistic look at the issues before intervention in any field and allow the countries to solve their problems themselves. We don’t interfere in the affairs of the northern neighbors, as they are independent countries. We advise Armenia and Azerbaijan to solve their problems themselves,” he added. 

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