Samad Seyidov: Resolutions on Azerbaijan adopted today bring shame upon PACE

Discussions held at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) on Oct. 11 once again demonstrated that various groups, especially those supported by Armenians, were trying hard to criticize Azerbaijan as strongly as possible, said Samad Seyidov, Azerbaijani MP, Head of the Azerbaijani delegation to the PACE, an APA correspondent reported from Strasbourg.  


“Imagine that all those who would not normally participate in PACE meetings came here today so as not to miss this opportunity,” the MP said noting that these people are determined to launch a campaign of hatred and lobbyism against Azerbaijan.


"They brought up unbelievable lies and slanders against Azerbaijan, whose economic reforms, appointment of judges and development of legislation are recognized by all countries. But voicing the idea in the report that it is high time for Azerbaijan to carry out legal reforms simply means that that they are either unaware of what’s happening in Azerbaijan or just slandering our country,” Seyidov said.


He stressed that the main purpose of those people in today’s discussions was to create a gap in relations between Azerbaijan and the Council of Europe.


“But they failed as Azerbaijan’s development, stance, roles, and all that it has achieved were touched upon by both Azerbaijan’s delegation and some PACE deputies. What’s important is that they realized here that the Council of Europe Secretary General has put aside tens of thousands of cases in the European Court of Human Rights and has turned its sight to Azerbaijan only in order to blacken Azerbaijan’s image. We raised this issue here as well,” he added.


The Azerbaijani MP emphasized that behind some speeches are the financial support of the Armenian lobby.


“We specifically state those people are regularly working to establish dialogue with some countries but in their relations with Azerbaijan they are trying to create a gap,” Seyidov said.


These attempts are masterminded by forces that are hostile to Azerbaijan, the MP said adding “however, a campaign based on lies and slander is doomed to failure.”  


Today, Azerbaijan is a strong and independent state, Seyidov stressed. “Both Council of Europe and PACE are more interested in developing relations with Azerbaijan than Azerbaijan with them. Because they understand that without Azerbaijan and its philosophy uniting East and West, PACE itself can not exist.”


The MP also accused some forces of trying to deny the reforms being carried out in Azerbaijan, as well as the assistance being provided to refugees and IDPs in the country.  


The resolutions on Azerbaijan adopted at the PACE today bring shame upon the Assembly, Seyidov emphasized.


“The documents on Azerbaijan adopted today bring shame upon the PACE. I especially want to note the document “Azerbaijan’s Chairmanship of the Council of Europe: What follow-up on respect for human rights?” adopted on behalf of the Human Rights Committee. The artificial aggravation of tension and the inclusion of facts that are far from the truth in the resolution turn it into a non-serious document. Azerbaijan, as an independent state, can not work with such a document,” added Seyidov.  




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