10:11 18 July
10:08 18 July

Mahmoud Abbas rules out U.S. mediator role in Palestine-Israel peace process

Britain gifted the land of Palestine, which wasn’t its, to the Zionist regime, with the biggest support from the United States, said Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.


Mahmoud Abbas made the remarks at the opening of the summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Istanbul devoted to the issue of Jerusalem, an APA correspondent reported from Istanbul.


He stressed that today U.S. President Donald Trump intends to give Jerusalem to Israel.


"Canada, Britain and Australia, the countries which we have always seen siding with the U.S., are not with this country this time. Today, we can see Britain and the U.S. making gestures to Israel over the Palestinian lands,” said Abbas stressing that this step by the U.S. does not serve peace. 


“Having won the support of all Muslims, Christians, and other nations, we have gathered here [Istanbul] today to protest against this step from the United States. Jerusalem will be the capital of Palestine in the future as it was before and it is now. It is the most valuable stone of the Palestinian crown. It is impossible to speak of peace and reconciliation unless Jerusalem is recognized as the capital of Palestine,” he added. 


The Palestinian leader called Trump’s decision to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem ‘a gross violation of international law’. 


He referred to the UN resolution, according to which no country, including the U.S. can move its embassy to Jerusalem. 


Mahmoud Abbas said his country will not accept a future role for the U.S. in the Middle East peace process.


“The U.S. will have no place in mediating Palestine-Israel peace after the decision on Jerusalem. Palestinians did not want American mediation anymore,” he added.


Abbas said that Jerusalem “is and always will be the capital of Palestine” as he called on the world to acknowledge the city as such.


“Peace will not come unless Jerusalem is recognized as Palestine's capital,” he added.


The Palestinian leader said the unilateral step from the U.S. will affect radical and non-radical groups and lead to clashes.


“We expect the U.S. retreat in this matter,” concluded Abbas.




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