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Ilham Aliyev: Azerbaijan highly appreciates Trump’s speech at Arab Islamic American Summit

Azerbaijan's foreign policy has made great strides and the country’s people know it, President Ilham Aliyev said on Friday.


“We will continue to defend our national interests in the international arena. Today we are respected all over the world,” said President Aliyev addressing an official reception held on the occasion of the national holiday of Azerbaijan, Republic Day, APA reported. 


He pointed out that the number of countries willing to cooperate with Azerbaijan is growing.  


“With the exception of Armenia, we have no problem with any other country in bilateral format. We have put forward a number of trilateral cooperation formats,” he said.


The head of state noted that Azerbaijan has very good relations with international organizations and play an active role for these organizations.


"Of them, I would first mention the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). Azerbaijan is an active member of this organization,” President Aliyev said recalling that last year the organization created the Contact Group on Armenian aggression.  


“The Armenian aggression and sabotage acts committed in April last year by the Armenian army were condemned by the OIC. The Azerbaijani state and its stance on the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict get constant support,” he added.


The head of state said Azerbaijan is expanding bilateral relations within the OIC. 


“I’d like to note the Arab Islamic American Summit, which took place in Saudi Arabia recently. Azerbaijan took part in the summit at the highest level,” said President Aliyev. “I believe that this summit has a great meaning. First of all, the Muslim world showed solidarity and it was commendable that US President Donald Trump made his first foreign visit to a Muslim country. We appreciate it. I think it is a sign of great respect for the Muslim world.”


Azerbaijan highly appreciates Trump’s speech at the Arab Islamic American Summit, noted President Aliyev.


“In other words, the visit and the summit is a major event in itself and the views voiced by the US president are, of course, very much appreciated,” said Azerbaijan’s leader. “In particular, he said that the US will no longer interfere in the internal affairs of Muslim countries and give them advice. This is a very serious statement, and I can say that almost all the participants of the summit, including Azerbaijan highly appreciated these remarks. Thus, all we know well that Azerbaijan is one of the countries that were most subjected to pressure due to external interference.”  


President Aliyev said he highly hopes this serious signal will reach all relevant structures, including European instutions and attempts to interfere in Azerbaijan’s domestic affairs will fail.


The president went on to say: “Since the early year there have been changes in the US leadership and we are witnessing that the manifestations of these interferences are gradually disappearing. We welcome this and hope that this will continue, because this is the only right policy.”  


Azerbaijan has never interfered in any country’s affairs and will never let any country interfere in its affairs, said President Aliyev concluding his speech.  





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