Hikmat Hajiyev: Armenia continues hybrid war against Azerbaijan

“It is matter of serious concern that Armenia, with a view of propagating the illegal regime established in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, tries to misuse international media platforms under various pretexts,” Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hikmat Hajiyev said in his speech at the 40th Session of the Information Committee of the UN General Assembly, APA reported.


Hajiyev noted that the Azerbaijani side respects the professional interest of international media outlets to reach out the occupied territories of Azerbaijan as a war zone.


“But such professional interest should not come at the expense of violating foreign media accreditation rules, border and passport control regime of Azerbaijan.


Balanced, fair and objective coverage of realities of armed conflicts, respecting the accreditation rules of respective countries is extremely important to avoid elements of propaganda and disinformation and biased reporting,” he said.


The spokesman added that propaganda, “fake news’ and the dissemination of disinformation through traditional and online media, as well as the social network platforms seriously undermine freedom of expression. In the context of armed conflicts, as integral components of propaganda, "ideological aggression", "information war" constitutes serious threats to international peace and security.


“I regret to stress that since the late 80s and early years of its independence Azerbaijan encountered with the mass wave of orchestrated and planned “information aggression" and "information war", which accompanied the physical war unleashed by Armenia against Azerbaijan. With the sole purpose of disguising its responsibility for illegal use of force and occupation of Azerbaijan’s territories and ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijani people from the seized lands, Armenia resorted to 4D propaganda - “Deceive, Disform, Distort and Disorient” the international community. In the form of “hybrid war” Armenia’s policy of propaganda and disinformation supported by Armenian lobby groups still continues against Azerbaijan in order to maintain status-quo of occupation and undermine peaceful settlement of Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict on the basis of relevant UN Security Council Resolutions,” he said.

The Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is not the only source of propaganda and disinformation against Azerbaijan, Hajiyev noted that this propaganda reached a level of psychological warfare during the first-ever European Games, saying the involvement of some media outlets in this process is regrettable. Hajiyev stressed that this type of disinformation is still going on against Azerbaijan. 


He also emphasized that the non-fulfillment of the UN Security Resolutions concerning the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict have raised questions among the Azerbaijani public. He drew attention to the importance of the fulfillment of these resolutions in order to increase  the effectiveness the UN information strategy. 

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/ 26 May, 2018