10:16 25 April
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Fifth Global Baku Forum underway

A panel session, titled “Youth Speaks, We Listen”, was held as part of the Fifth Global Baku Forum on March 17.


The Fifth Global Baku Forum, titled “The Future of International Relations: Power and Interests” kicked off in Baku March 16.


The panel session focused on the ongoing migration crisis, the future of China and cyber security issues.


Jean Van Berkel, a Dutch representative, spoke about EU-China ties.


He noted that economic relations between the EU and China have been beneficial for both sides.  


“However, China has not opened all the sectors of its economy for the EU. For example, financial, information and economic spheres,” he said calling on China to create equal conditions for European companies.


Zachary Kai, who came from the US, said it is difficult to determine the future direction of China.


“I have lived in China for five years. The Chinese are very hard-working people. People used to think that China manufactures low-quality products. Perhaps such an approach was correct ten years ago. But now China is rapidly developing its economy and manufacturing high-quality products,” he said.


Kai went on to say that Chinese companies are now able to compete with western companies without government subsidies.


“China's youth leaders are more liberal. I see a bright future for China,” he added.  


Kai stressed the importance of the development of US-China relations.


"The confrontation of two giant countries would bring on a disaster. China is working on programs to prevent such a conflict from happening. As a result of China-US economic cooperation, the Chinese will be able to purchase US products for lower prices. US companies must open their markets to China. It should be noted that Western countries are demanding a lot more from China. A rational approach is required with regard to this matter,” he said.


In the end, the issue of cyber security was discussed.


Mahammad Ibrahimov, who studies master in the Netherlands, noted that there are a number of threats on the Internet, saying a cyber war is going on in the world.


The speakers said there are signs of cyber war between the US and China, and Israel and Iran.




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