Ali Hasanov reveals goal of new anti-Azerbaijan campaign at PACE

“This is the next insidious game against Azerbaijan, its national interests”

Circles consistently and purposefully operating against Azerbaijan in the West, organizations and media under the control of these circles become more active on the eve of significant events in Azerbaijan and are making every effort to smear Azerbaijan and these events, Azerbaijani President’s Assistant for Public and Political Affairs Azerbaijani President’s Assistant for Public and Political Affairs Ali Hasanov wrote on his Facebook page April 28.


Hasanov wrote that since early 2018 a number of events, international events took place in Azerbaijan along with other significant events in the life of the country: ‘The April 11 presidential election in Azerbaijan was evaluated by majority of experts as a referendum of trust in President Ilham Aliyev. Formation new government after election is welcomed by the society. We mark 100th anniversary of building of the first Muslim democracy , serious campaign has been organized for legally and politically assessment of one-century history of the genocide against Azerbaijanis in the international platforms. Works on several components of the Southern Gas Corridor project, which is implemented under the leadership of Azerbaijan, are about to complete and we’ll launch TANAP after a while.  Very significant decisions on implementation of important geostrategic transport projects have been made and works in this direction are successfully ongoing. In the recent days, the sport fans in the world, which follow Formula 1 rally, don’t hide their amazement by magnificence. Look! These events were held in the four months of 2018. There are still events ahead which will draw attention of the world community. And what happens in Armenia? Dissatisfaction of people in this country, where elections were held at the same time with Azerbaijan, does not slacken. Although Armenian people made Serzh Sarkisyan, who use them for years, isolated from international community, political and economic life of the region, embezzled all material resources, resign, they don’t become calm down. We understand today’s sadness of those who yesterday congratulated Sarkisyan on his election as PM.  It seems foreign anti-Azerbaijan circles are seriously dissatisfied with this reality – on one side strong Azerbaijan, which continues its development, on the other hand Armenia, which is hopeless for tomorrow and is striving in a whirlpool of political cataclysms. I’m sure than inefficiency of ‘slander campaign’ interrupt their sleep’. 


Azerbaijani President’s Assistant noted that another anti-Azerbaijan campaign in PACE by several western NGOs and media outlets, of which anti-Azerbaijan activity has been repeatedly proved, is not surprising and accidental: ‘we understand what OCCRP network and powers behind it, which published their ‘researches’ on the special pages bought in transnational publications, want. They don’t want to accept independent policy of a small noticeable country in the large scale map. Those circles are not satisfied with Azerbaijan’s owning its own national resources, becoming stronger and international actor. It’s already impossible to organize riots through ‘5th column’, make Azerbaijan compromise.  Azerbaijan does not join the West’s campaigns, sanctions against neighbouring countries, does not allow them to use its territory as a base (platsdarm) against this and other countries. Azerbaijan had not welcomed initiatives to export ‘wave of democracy’ of 1990s to the south and Central Asia through itself and does not participate in projects such as Great Middle East, new ‘Shiite crescent’. Despite promotions, pressures and instigations, Azerbaijan does not take part in any contract against friend Russian, Iranian and Turkish peoples’.  


Hasanov noted that pursues its foreign policy in accordance with its own national interests, is expressed with people’s position in the tribunals of the international organizations: ‘In a word, a country with less than 10,000,000 population shows resistance to pressures of hegemonic forces, pursues its own policy. Azerbaijan is respected by international community as a reliable partner, ally. Use of diaspora and interests groups abroad is a significant part of foreign policy of any country. Lobbying is an activity introduced by the Western policy.  This activity is regulated by law in many of the western countries, for example the US. The US spends more than $200 billion per year for these purposes. EU spends hundreds of millions of euros on projects regarding policy, education, NGO, including  the Eastern Partnership’ initiative.  Azerbaijan uses the same way too and uses powers of companies and organizations having economic interests in our country, states benefiting from policy of energy and transport corridors, makes efforts to cooperate with separate politicians, media outlets, NGOs, parliamentary fractions.  Heydar Aliyev Foundation implements significant projects through AIDA, hosts international events for image of the country. Shouldn’t Azerbaijan cooperate with international organizations? Should the guests be seen off hungry? What is blameful if souvenirs symbolizing our country are introduced to them? Leadership of ‘Carnegie Corporation’, which plays an important role in funding of pro-Armenian  organizations such as ‘People in Need’, as well as ‘Freedom House’, ‘Amnesty International’ and ‘Human Rights Watch’, consists of representatives of Armenian Diaspora. John Kerry, who turned his cabinet to a headquarters for anti-Azerbaijan campaigns during his term of office, is today working as an expert in ‘Carnegie Corporation’. Why ‘green light’ must be turned on for Armenian Lobby in the West, activity against Azerbaijan must be stimulated so clearly but must not Azerbaijan defend itself? May be the active followers of political news behind the scenes remember that different business organizations, businessmen, politicians of the West were trying to cooperate with Azerbaijan in the first years of its independency and made offers to make it widely known in the international arena. In most cases, the offers were basing on having any share in Azerbaijan’s national resources. Did we have to work with those ‘robbers’ who left for plunder in ‘newly-conquered’ former Soviet province? If Azerbaijan uses active political and economic groups, influential persons, what is bad in it? What did the formed lobby do for Azerbaijan? Only enumeration of documents adopted by Europe’s different structures on the Nagorno Karabakh conflict would take sufficient place and time. This success is achieved by both Azerbaijan’s diplomacy and diaspora. How early did we forget how Armenian delegation in PACE and Armenian foreign policy department were shocked by adoption of such documents for a long-time?


Azerbaijani President’s Assistant noted that those shocked by “Strässer Report" which failed in 2013 are trying to revenge in the issue of ‘political prisoner’ after ‘corruption report’ in PACE: ‘This is the next insidious game against Azerbaijan, its national interests. How do you think, should the state defend its interests? We understand purposes of foreign anti-Azerbaijan circles, but we cannot understand those who are from Azerbaijan and support these campaigns. It’s impossible to logically explain today’s counter-position of those who have always accused Azerbaijan of not forming economic lobby, political support groups on its own potency.   

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