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President: Today’s achievements of Azerbaijan would’ve been impossible without first State Program

Today’s achievements of Azerbaijan would have been impossible if the first State Program had not been adopted, said Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev.


The first and second programs on the development of districts have been successfully implemented, President Aliyev said addressing a conference dedicated to the results of third year implementation of "The State Program on socio-economic development of Azerbaijani districts in 2014-2018" in Baku Jan. 30. 


“I’m confident that the third State Program will also be carried out successfully,” the president said, calling the first State Program a ‘historical step’.


“Today’s achievements of Azerbaijan would have been impossible if the first State Program had not been accepted,” President Aliyev said. “All of our cities have been renovated. Major infrastructure projects have been realized, which gives impetus to dynamic development in Azerbaijan. The first stage had more to do with infrastructure projects, which was reasonable.”


“In the first stage, we were unable to ensure our energy security. The Baku-Tbilisi-Jeyhan oil pipeline was still under construction. We were buying gas from abroad,” the head of state said noting that the first goal was to ensure our energy independence.


“Of the 35 existing electric stations, 26 have been built in the country since 2004 as part of the State Program. At the time, gasification was 51% in Azerbaijan, and in districts there was almost no gasification. Today gasification is 91%,” he added.  


Speaking of the infrastructure projects, the president said there can not be investment or development in a country that has no highway infrastructure. “The construction of highway infrastructure brings together large manpower. The aim is to have quality highways connecting cities and villages,” he said.


The head of state recalled that four reservoirs have been built in the country over the past four years.  


“I have to mention the Takhtakorpu, Shamkirchay, and Tovuzchay reservoirs,” the president said. “We import a significant amount of water resources from abroad. Thus we need to create our own water resources, which required massive investment. However, the main part of the work has been accomplished.”  


President Aliyev pointed out that the main infrastructure projects have been realized since the first State Program.


“I had wanted these to be accomplished as soon as possible. This infrastructure will be serving Azerbaijan for decades. Investment can be made in a place that has a base infrastructure. No businessman can invest in a place where there is no gas, electricity, water, and highways,” he added. 

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