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CEC announces preliminary results of the presidential elections: Ilham Aliyev gained 84,76 % of votes - UPDATING

Baku. Ramil Mammadli-APA. Head of the Central Election Commission Mazahir Panahov has held a press conference on the preliminary results of the presidential elections.

The head of the commision made public preliminary results of the elections according to the distribution of valid votes.

He said that over the country 125 constituencies, 5492 polling stations have functioned. The total number of voters are 5  145 643. According to the summarized results, 3 720 643 citizens have participated in the elections. The overall activity of the electors over the country was 72, 31%.

The elections process was held under observation of the international representatives: "During a day, any single complaint was not received by the Central Election Commission. And we have achieved transparent and normal elections process.” 

M. Panahov noted that according to the information taken from 3947 polling stations (72 percent of all stations), candidate from New Azerbaijan Party Ilham Aliyev is ahead with 84,73 % votes (2039127).


Results for other candidates as follow:


Jamil Hasanli - 5,27% (148 400 votes)

Igbal Aghazade 2,32% (65 469 votes)

Gudrat Hasanguliyev - 2,09% (58 972 votes)

Zahid Oruj - 1,48% (41 638 votes)

ilyas Ismayilov - 1,10% (30 969 votes)

Faraj Guliyev - 0,87% (24 410 votes)

Araz Alizade - 0,88% (24746 votes)

Sardar Mammadov - 0,63% (17 705 votes)

Hafiz Hajıyev - 0,66% (18 582 votes) 



The head of the CEC noted that the candidate, got more than 80 percent of total votes, can be considered the winner of the presidential elections. 

According to M. Panahov during the next 1hour, information from all the polling stations will enter to the Central Election Commission, and Azerbaijani electors will be familiar with the figures: “During the following 2 days all the information will enter from polling stations to the CEC”.


M. Panahov also added that serious irregularities were not registered during the process and all the misunderstandings were eradicated.

The results were put on link:

The official results of the elections will be sent to the Constitutional Court of the Azerbaijan Republic within 10 days. 


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