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Ali Hasanov: ‘Within Azerbaijan, there’s an anti-national group with big suspicions of having ties with the Armenian lobby’

Baku. Mubariz Aslanov – APA. “Regarding the issue of the arrest of Leyla Yunus, I’d like to note that law enforcement bodies brought charges against Leyla Yunus based on serious facts.

The process of investigation still continues. It’s left only to the court to determine whether the accusations are valid or not. Attempts of different external forces as well as internal groups to politicize the issue and cast a shadow on the work of relevant authorities are ultimately irrational and cannot yield any results. Everyone is equal in front of law and everyone must render an account for their actions”, said Ali Hasanov, head of political and public affairs department at the Presidential Administration in Azerbaijan, in his interview with APA.


According to Ali Hasanov, it is clear that there’s an anti-national group within Azerbaijan directed by external forces, with big suspicions of having ties with the Armenian lobby: “This conclusion can be justified on account of the latest materials spread in Armenian media to support Leyla Yunus and enhanced anti-Azerbaijan campaigns. This group is playing a role of means to constantly create an atmosphere of mistrust in the society, undermine our national unity, and form a negative idea about our country abroad. They increase their efforts especially on the eve of internationally important events hosted by Azerbaijan, hold different political campaigns at the expenses of high grants, and bring the attention of the international community, transnational media, and foreign organization to deliberately exaggerated and fabricated issues. I’d like to remind them that Azerbaijan is an independent country and their efforts to restrict its foreign policy by means of such trivial actions, vilify its image, and overshadow the achievements our country has so far attained can yield no results.

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/ 19 January, 2017