Ali Ahmadov: “There is no need for Ilham Aliyev to personally participate in the election campaign”

Baku – APA. “President Ilham Aliyev is the Head of the State, whose activity focuses on the contact with the people.

Close communication with citizens is not an election element, but a management style for Ilham Aliyev,” said Deputy Chairman and Executive Secretary of New Azerbaijan Party (YAP) Ali Ahmadov clarifying the issue how Ilham Aliyev’s campaign will be set up and whether the President will hold meetings within the campaign or not, APA reports.

YAP Deputy Chairman said that following the previous presidential elections and inauguration day, Ilham Aliyev has regularly visited all regions of Azerbaijan, met with the people and listened to them. The results of those meetings and discussions showed themselves in the adoption of a new program on the development of the regions.

“I can say only this fact that Ilham Aliyev visited Azerbaijani regions more than 300 times over 10 years. This averagely means more than 30 visits within a year. Taking into account numerous meetings held in Baku, it is a big figure. This means that Mr. President has always been among the people. He was interested in their lives, at the same time outlined his plans regarding the future of our country, in other words election campaign. Constant and close communication with the people is a working principle of Ilham Aliyev. This communication has never stopped over the last 5 years. Thus, there is no need for the President to promote himself. Other presidential candidates need to introduce themselves to the people. Let them be engaged in their personal campaign,” Ahmadov said.

Ali Ahmadov said Ilham Aliyev’s election campaign is the work done by him, Azerbaijan, which is growing more beautiful. “So, actually there is no need for Mr. President to personally participate in the election campaign, changes are not expected in the president’s schedule in connection with the elections. As regards the election campaign, numerous members of the New Azerbaijan Party will do with great pleasure. Be sure that as always, President Ilham Aliyev’s election campaign will be held in the atmosphere of high activeness. The support of the absolute majority of the people and deep trust in Mr. Ilham Aliyev will remain as the most important advantage of the election campaign,” he said.

Asked whether Ilham Aliyev will be provided with lawyers, Ali Ahmadov said the experience of the previous presidential elections shows that thousands, tens of thousands citizens acted as Ilham Aliyev’s lawyers with great pleasure.

“The same atmosphere is observed in 2013 election campaign. I regard it as normal. The New Azerbaijan Party has more than 600 000 members and each of them actually feels himself as Ilham Aliyev’s lawyer and actively participates in the election campaign. Actually, this is a perceived moral demand for the members of the New Azerbaijan Party,” he said.

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/ 22 January, 2018