"Learning to Learn" 2nd International Learning Conference underway in Baku - UPDATED

"Learning to Learn" 2nd International Learning Conference, co-organized by the Azerbaijan Teacher Development Centre (ATDC) and The European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS), kicked off in Baku on November 16.


Lane Clark, one of the main speakers at the conference, outlined that pupils first need to be taught to learn away from school.


“Books are no longer the last source of knowledge. Students can also learn from other sources, such as websites, audiocassettes, computers, tablets can also be used as a source of knowledge. Schools should not give children the same, standard knowledge. Pupils need to be innovative. They should love learning, and if they are unable to put their knowledge into practice, it’s no use. Children should be raised as individuals who contribute to society. Some teachers teach pupils their learning skills and thinking, but first of all they should teach them how to learn so that they know how to learn when they leave school,” she said.


Matt Bromley, a speaker from the UK, made a keynote address on the topic “Make Learning Happen”. Bromley emphasized that education is a value that unites people.


“We need to ensure that students focus on the issues they need to learn. They need to know that learning requires efforts. People sometimes make mistakes when solving problems, but they should not be afraid of them. If we do not make mistakes, we could not learn anything. Those who do not want to make mistakes are those who do not want to improve their skills,” Bromley added.


The two-day conference will continue with the extended workshop “Where Research Meets Thinking and Learning - what every teacher needs to know!”


A range of master classes and workshops will be held within the framework of the conference on November 18.







"Learning to Learn" 2nd International Learning Conference, co-organized by the Azerbaijan Teacher Development Centre (ATDC) and The European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS), kicked off in Baku on November 16.


The conference that brings together educators from different countries is intended for teachers, principals and other educators interested in enhancing student learning, APA reported.


Mahabbat Valiyeva, head of the Baku City Education Department, read out the message of Education Minister Mikayil Jabbarov to participants in the conference.  


“The formation of a literate person in the learning process depends on the teacher. It’s important for teachers to increase their knowledge and skills in order to achieve greater results. In recent years, the Ministry of Education has been working purposefully hard to increase the professionalism of teachers, stimulate innovative activities, and apply positive experiences. Serious results can be achieved if 5 percent innovation is applied every year in this direction. We hope that this conference will confirm expectations of educational leaders,” reads the message from the education minister. 


Addressing the conference, Jafar Jafarov, rector of the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, underscored the need to renew the education system. 


“World’s developed countries achieved success in this way. Unfortunately, sometimes instead of applying new methods, we deal with eliminating some shortages in the education system. We should pass this stage. Certain progress is obvious. If five or six students scoring over 500 points chose Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University a few years ago, the number of such students is 281. They choose the specialty of teacher n the first place. First of all, there is a need to renew the content of education. The teachers willing to give better education to our children learn new teaching methods on the Internet,” he said.


The rector stressed the importance of human capital in terms of achieving big goal in Azerbaijan.


“The form of education of our time is no longer accepted today. It's time to teach the students how to learn. We are forced to use testing methods. A whole generation of illiterates received diplomas at the Pedagogical University. Only 4 percent of the students who graduated universities with specialization in physics could pass the exams for teaching,” added Jafarov.  



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