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President Ilham Aliyev: "We need to bring to the world the truth about Azerbaijan"

"We have to cover the historical reality, Azerbaijan's position and current situation related to the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict”

Baku-APA. "The target number one for Armenians worldwide is Azerbaijan. I already talked about this, and I want to reiterate that our main enemy - is the Armenian lobby. I can say and prove it at any audiences”, - said Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev at a meeting with members of the Board of the Press Council on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the national press.


According to him, it does not apply to the Armenian nation: "The Armenian people suffer from the criminal regime of the dictatorship. This regime has put the Armenian people in a terrible situation, that in order to overcome it, you may need 100 years. However, the Armenian lobby, structure, united in several organizations, day and night, trying to blacken, slanders Azerbaijan, to undermine his authority. They have a broad financial, communications. They are closely connected with the authorities of the countries where, working with legislators, pay them. The truth is hidden under the name of "lobbying." But, in fact, it is - a bribe. Thus, the Armenian lobby is at the forefront of an organized campaign against us. But united with them the structure, another category of people is carried out against us very dirty campaign. It probably will continue. We should be ready, and we are ready for it. "


President Ilham Aliyev stressed that the campaign had no effect and had no impact on domestic and foreign policy of Azerbaijan: "The source of our policy is the Azerbaijani people, its will and its interests. Today, Azerbaijan's policy is based on the will of the people. This is the main factor in matters of both domestic and foreign policy. Of course, we will not deviate from our path and we will successfully develop our country. But we must also be prepared for the fact that we will continue to face in the different organs of the foreign press to offensive articles related to Azerbaijan written on the basis of lies. What to do? First of all, we must bring to the world the truth about Azerbaijan. In this direction, we are actively working. As public bodies acting in Azerbaijan public organizations, as well as our media spend a lot of work in this area. I think that in the future web sites in foreign languages ​​should be even greater. Today, these sites are, and we need to increase their number. I believe that most rated Internet sites Azerbaijan should certainly have options, and in other languages, as we, of course, to identify, see the existing problems in the country, we try to resolve them. But we need to bring to the world the truth about Azerbaijan. How is the modern Azerbaijan? What kind of success achieved? What is the contribution made to the world's treasury? In this regard, much remains to be done. Here, of course, it must also be state support and will. In particular, today, more work should be carried out in the Internet space, as with time people are online more information will need to expose much. We have to exposure Armenian propaganda. We need to bring to the world community that is behind the attacks against us. This is a very simple approach. Why the Armenian lobby is conducts this activity against us? First of all, because of the hostility. We are their eternal enemies. Let no one ever forget about it."


The Head of State pointed out that on the other hand they are trying to prove that in Azerbaijan there is no democracy, human rights are violated, and thus, the Armenian minority in the future can not live within Azerbaijan: "This is absurd. Azerbaijan is a multiethnic, multi-confessional country. Representatives of all nationalities, religions live in Azerbaijan as brothers. In our country we have created a unique environment, which today can be an example for many countries. But precisely this is the main thesis behind this propaganda and anti-Azerbaijani campaign. Again, the theme of Karabakh, Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Therefore, we need to introduce Azerbaijan to the world media space as a modern, growing, open, tolerant country. At the same time we need to raise awareness as a historical reality, Azerbaijan's position related to the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and the current situation as a whole, since Armenia is constantly trying to prevent the release of information on the merits. Yes, they say, they say, there is a conflict, let's solve it peacefully. But how did this conflict? What is the reason? Who is the occupier? Who - the victim of the occupation? That is about it, of course, neither they, nor being in collusion with them. Foreign media structures provide no information. This mission falls upon us, we must do it. "


President of Azerbaijan stressed the need to maintain closer ties with foreign media resources, "I know that today, foreign journalists occasionally come to Azerbaijan. At the same time after their arrival in our country disappears completely inadequate opinion about Azerbaijan, formed in result of Armenian propaganda. Therefore, it is important to invite representatives of the foreign media of Azerbaijan, as well as to organize foreign trips of Azerbaijani journalists. It should create a form of cooperation with the leading Western media organizations, be consulted or simply exchanging information. In this way we will be able to get more access to foreign media space in the first place to bring to the world community the truth about the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Sure, that is fair that the Armenian side will not be able to counter any argument to our arguments. Nagorno-Karabakh is native Azerbaijani land. Not only Nagorno-Karabakh but also Armenia today is native Azerbaijani land. You know it better than anyone. The names of the absolute majority of towns and villages in the territory of present-day Armenia are of Azerbaijani origin, the Azerbaijani people for centuries lived in these lands."


President Ilham Aliyev stressed that the legal side of the issue clearly supports the position of Azerbaijan: "There are four UN Security Council resolutions. The UN Security Council did not take any resolution related to whatever was another conflict in the post-Soviet space. That is - the main document for the resolution of issues. That is, in this are legal, historical factors and Armenia today, just like a puppet exists in the region through foreign donations. Armenia has long lost its independence. At best, it is called an outpost. In essence, it is a waiter in the region. If the choice of the Armenian people is this, then we can not say anything. But I do not believe that the Armenian people during the period when he lived the dream of independence, represented here this independence, and why? The occupation policy. Were it not for the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, the Armenian people, of course, could acquire real independence. In short, I think that our activity in the foreign media space should be carried out here in these two areas - the truth related to the conflict, and the truth is related with Azerbaijani realities. We have to bring it."

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