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Police raid Azerbaijani businessman’s birthday party in Russia - VİDEO

Baku. Mubariz Aslanov – APA. Russian special police forces have raided an Azerbaijani businessman’s 50th birthday party held in a restaurant owned by Azerbaijanis in the city of Yekaterinburg.

An eyewitness of the incident, Mehman Aghamuradov, told APA that Russian police raided the restaurant around 9:00pm on March 30, detaining up to a hundred Azerbaijanis, among whom he said were women and children as well. Well-known Azerbaijani meykhana masters Ehtiram and Intigam Rustamov, who had been invited from Baku, were also among the people who were detained.  


Mehman said the party, attended by about 160 Azerbaijanis living in Yekaterinburg, was dedicated to the jubilee of Aghayar Aghayev, an Azerbaijani businessman.


“There’d been nothing wrong until we were suddenly assaulted by special forces who entered the hall from the windows and the door. They laid us all on the floor and tied our hands, without discriminating women and children. They took about a hundred Azerbaijanis, including me, to a police department, where we were held in detention till the morning. We were then released but given no explanation [as to why had been detained]. They just released the detainees in fives and tens. We had not seen such an incident before,” he added.


Russian media reported that special forces have raided the gathering of crime bosses in Yekaterinburg. 


The regional department of the Russian Interior Ministry said a substance similar to drug, as well as a knife and a bat were seized from the site.


According to the local media, a criminal “gathering” was held in a restaurant called “Gulyaki” in Yekaterinburg, March 30. It is reported that Rovshan Lankaransky, a well-known Azerbaijani crime boss, wanted to appoint Aghayar Aghayev as a “controller” in the Ural region. In this regard, Aghayar Aghayev organized a party attended by with a number of crime bosses, including Ali from Pervouralsk, Vagif (Kamyshlova), “Yugra Javanshir”, etc. Aghayev also invited guests from Baku. Among the guests were Azerbaijani meykhana masters Ehtiram and Intigam Rustamov, Nijat Menali, as well as the musical group “Lights of Baku”.












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/ 23 May, 2018