10:15 20 July

Man accused of murdering Azerbaijani businessman in Ukraine released from courtroom

Baku. Mubariz Aslanov – APA. A man accused of murdering an Azerbaijani businessman in Ukraine’s Kherson province has been released.


Rostislav Brinski, who is accused of murdering Azerbaijani businessman Vugar Nurushov, was transferred from prison to house arrest upon the court decision dated Nov.20, the deceased’s brother Ilgar Nurushov told APA.


In addition, the court decided to take testimony from the retired Armenian general Anton Lugasyan and his two nephews as they names are mentioned in the criminal case and summon them to the next hearing to be held on Dec.17.


Ilgar Nurushov also noted that the organizer of the murder Lugasyan, using his financial resources and ties, tries to influence the authorities in order to conceal their involved in the murder. “We ask local authorities and the Azerbaijani embassy in Ukraine for support. Otherwise, the blood of my brother will go in vain,” he said.


During the preliminary investigation, Brinski confessed that he committed the murder himself. However, at the hearing he said that the murder was committed by Armenian businessman Anton Lugasyan and his two nephews.  


Brinski said that retired general, businessman Lugasyan, in whose office he worked as a guard, called him and said that his men will bring him a parcel.


“Two unknown men called me to the market belonging to them, and showed a man body who was beaten to the point of being unrecognizable and instructed to bury him in a secret place. I buried the body under the order of my boss. Only after the discovery of the body, I learned who was killed. I learned later that those who brought the body were Lugasyan’s nephews. I didn’t know anything from the very beginning,” he added.


Nurushov Vugar (1976), a businessman originally from Azerbaijan’s Beylagan region, was killed in Kherson in August 2015.


Deputy chairman of the Congress of Azerbaijanis of Ukraine’s Kherson province, businessman Ilham Taghiyev was beaten to death outside his house on August 17. Karapetyan Sergei Razmikovich and Ukrainian citizen Montiyan Khachik Stepanovich of Armenian origin, as well as Azerbaijani Allahverdiyev Naim Balakishi were detained on murder suspicions. However, his relatives claim that Taghiyev’s murder was ordered by Lugasyan.  

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