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Israeli TV channel: Those who committed Khojaly massacre – butchers who follow in footsteps of Nzhdeh

Baku. Mubariz Aslanov – APA. The erection of a monument to the “hero” of Armenians Nzhdeh Garegin in Yerevan was discussed during the program titled “Let’s speak”, aired on the Israeli TV channel 9.


The program presenter Yosef Shagal asked the experts whether a country can call “national hero” a person who committed crimes against humanity and, if so, how it can be justified?


The presenter noted that in current troubled times some states began to distort historical facts.  


He also asked: “Should we be indifferent to the erection of monuments to “people's heroes” who committed the tragedy of the Holocaust together with Germans, to anti-semite Stepan Banderaya in Kharkiv, Chernobyl, to Herbert Cukurs, who murdered thousands of Jewish children, as well as to antisemitic Nzhdeh Garegin?”


The debate was joined by the leader of the South Caucasus Israeli international relations expert, Arye Gut, political analyst Oleg Lewinsky and lawyer Mark Knyazhevskiy.


O. Lewinsky said that the Armenians have raised the monument to a person who was involved in the massacre of Turks, Azerbaijanis, and Jews because they have no real hero to be proud of.


Gut, for his part, said that the monument to the fascist Armenian general is a kind of insult to the Holocaust victims.


“It’s not the first time a monument has been raised to Nzhdeh. A few years ago, Armenia was defined as the country with the highest rate of anti-Semitism among post-Soviet countries. In Armenia, anti-Semitism can be found in any area—in policy, in media, etc. Anti-Semitism is their state policy today,” he said.


In regard to the atrocities committed in Khojaly, Gut added that those who committed that massacre are butchers who follow in the footsteps of Nzhdeh.  


The program’s guests said that the erection of the monument to the Armenian fascist general is an obvious propaganda of fascism and by this means Armenia overtly promotes fascism in the name of patriotism. They also remarked that the fact that Armenian officials attended the opening of the monument suggest that they want to let everyone know that they are the inheritors to Garegin Nzhdeh.  

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/ 23 May, 2018