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Declaration adopted on unification of All-Russia Azerbaijan Congress and "AzerRos"

Moscow. Farid Akbarov-APA. A meeting of the Organizing Committee was held on holding of the I Forum of Russian Azerbaijanis.

APA’s Moscow correspondent reports that the meeting was attended by leaders of the Federal National and Cultural Autonomy of Azerbaijanis in acting in the regions of Russian Federation and the heads of regional branches of the All-Russia Azerbaijan Congress. All regional leaders of AzerRos NCFA were presented at the meeting except Kostroma, Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow offices. Speaking at the meeting on behalf of the chairman of the Council of Elders of AzerRos NCFA Sardar Abdullayev offered opening a new page in the history of the organization.


At a meeting of the heads of Azerbaijani Diaspora organizations adopted a declaration to merge the All-Russia Azerbaijan Congress (ARAC) and Federal National and Cultural Autonomy AzerRos.


It was noted that the name and history of ARAC related to the national leader of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev, because of this reason priority will be given to ARAC. On the second point of declaration was decided to place the two associations in the House of the Azerbaijani community of Russia for the purpose of mutual integration. Also was decided to merge sites of organizations. The integration process of the Forum will be to work through a specially created working group of four people, and a team of lawyers, who announced their findings at the next meeting of the organizing committee on preparation and holding of the Forum.


On the proposal of the heads of regional organizations of Diaspora, the chairman of the Council of elders AzerRos Sardar Abdullayev appointed chairman of Council of Elders of the unified Azerbaijani Diaspora.


Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Ambassador of Azerbaijan Qudsi Osmanov noted that this decision is the historical fate of the Azerbaijani community in Russia and serve to improve the Russian-Azerbaijani relations.


The President of All-Russia Azerbaijan Congress Mammad Aliyev noted that this decision is due to processes occurring in the life of the Azerbaijani community in Russia and underlined the importance of combining the two leading Diaspora organizations.


The heads of Diaspora organizations were given the opportunity to make comments, suggestions and recommendations on the activities of both organizations.


At the end of the meeting was announced that the next meeting of the First National Forum of the Organizing Committee of Russian Azerbaijanis will be held in November of this year.

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/ 19 July , 2018