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New states to join TAKM

Kazakhstan is expected to join the organization in the near future, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Georgia are also interested in TAKM


Baku. Rashad Suleymanov – APA. The Organization of the Eurasian Law Enforcement Agencies with Military Status (TAKM) established by Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia in Baku on January 25 is expected to enlarge its geography through new countries in the near future. According to the information obtained by APA, the constituent documents signed by the TAKM members underline that the organization is open for all states interested in joining the organization.


Following the constituent meeting, the Gendarmerie General Command of Turkey underlined that TAKM has been established to enhance the cooperation between law-enforcement organizations with military status located in Eurasian region and represented in the organization and doesn’t stand against any state or organization.



FIEP model in Asia


TAKM has determined its mission on the basis of FIEP model - the Association of European and Mediterranean Gendarmeries and Law Enforcement Forces with Military Status. The Turkish Gendarmerie, one of the co-founders and leading forces of TAKM, joined FIEP in 1998.


The symbols of TAKM are a horse, which is an important cultural symbol of all its members, emphasizing the nomadic past of the ancestors of these populations and four stars symbolize these four states.

FIEP, permanent secretariat of the organization would be in Turkey, but TAKM secretariat and presidency will be rotating. The Supreme body of the organization is the Council of Commanders. The Turkish Gendarmerie will assume the presidency until May 2014.


The main function of TAKM is to coordinate the Interior Troops of the member states and Gendarmerie Commands, ensure integration, create coordination between the forces for strengthening fight against terrorism and challenges, assist reforms and carry out exchange of experience.


In this regard, it is planned to organize mutual visits, offer necessary assistances to the member states in the process of integration and develop common standards. Within TAKM the member states will provide assistance to one another in training personnel, holding trainings, exchanging experience, as well as technical assistances. Moreover, it is planned to hold trainings within TAKM jointly with the relevant units of the member organizations. The sides have reportedly reached an initial agreement on it, Azerbaijani military attaché in Turkey has been commissioned to sign a memorandum on joint training.


Enlargement expected


APA reports quoting the military sources, Kazakhstan, which missed the constituent meeting of TAKM, is expected to join the organization. Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Georgia are also interested in TAKM.

According to the founders, TAKM, which is not a military bloc, is not against any organization or state and playing the role of coordinator, will unlikely meet serious obstacles in enlargement in Eurasia.


The leading power – Turkey


Turkey, one of the main founders and initiators of TAKM, is playing an important role in the military build-up of both the member states and the countries expected to enter the organization in the near future. Turkey’s role in the modernization of armed forces of the above-mentioned states has increased more since 2005. According to the reports of the international organizations and centers, post-Soviet countries intending to enter TAKM have recently given preference to the Turkish-made military products, weapons, military vehicles, communication devices, optical systems. Currently, Turkey is implementing joint programs in military and military industry spheres with Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan. In this regard, Turkey has provided $300 million military assistance to Azerbaijan. According to the protocol signed between Turkish Gendarmerie General Command and Azerbaijani Interior Ministry’s Internal Troops in 1997, Gendarmerie General Command provided assistance to the Internal Troops in various spheres - personnel training, technical provision, establishment of Gala Training Center. Currently, one of the advisors of the Internal Troops commander is the officer of Turkish Gendarmerie General Command. The Turkish officers continue serving at Gala Training Center and other agencies.

Turkey is also closely involved in the provision of Kyrgyzstan Armed Forces, including Internal Troops. Military vehicles were presented to Kyrgyzstan Armed Forces and Internal Troops in 2011. In 2010, Kyrgyzstan appealed for increasing the number of the officers studying at the educational institutions of Turkish Gendarmerie. Turkish officers are serving as advisors at Kyrgyzstan Internal Troops.


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