Jury rules tightened for 2014 Eurovision Song Contest

Jon Ola Sand: "Tighter rules and increased openness will show everyone that EBU have done and will always do its utmost to secure a fair result”

Baku – APA. Earlier today, EBU/EUROVISION released the rules for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, APA reports quoting press service of the EBU. Although the fundamentals have not changed, organizers are tightening the rules and increasing openness on the jury voting, which makes up 50% of the outcome in each participating country.


Under the new rules, the names of all jury members will be announced on the 1st of May, before the contest. Additionally, EBU/EUROVISION will publish the ranking submitted by each individual jury member for all shows right after the Final, and thus the split results of jury voting and televoting for each country.


To increase diversity, music industry professionals can only take a seat in a national jury if they have not been in the jury during one of the previous two editions of the contest.


"Tighter rules and increased openness are important for the Eurovision Song Contest to build on its success," Jon Ola Sand, the Executive Supervisor of the contest on behalf of EBU/EUROVISION, adding: "to make sure participants, viewers and fans know that we have done and will always do our utmost to secure a fair result. These changes show that the Eurovision Song Contest is an ever evolving tradition, which continues to adapt to the spirit of time."


"Through this increased openness, we want to assure everyone - participants, press and fans - can come to understanding of how we obtain a valid result. With these changes, we hope to put an end to the kind of speculation we have recently seen," said Dr. Frank-Dieter Freiling, Chairman of the Reference Group.


Over the past months, EBU/EUROVISION has been investigating reports about alleged attempts to unfairly influence the voting. Sand: "If our investigation brings about evidence of wrongdoing, we will take the required action."



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